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" I want a great marriage. Not a grand wedding." 
                                                                            ~ Kero Pinkihan

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A happy and contented, proud Ivatan wife to my best friend and soul mate, Ceasar. We are currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with our little prince, Andreas. 

I used to work as Human Resource Officer. Now, I am busy living the family expat life in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I love travel, fashion, eating out, learning about new technologies, writing about cars and motoring, and doing research on health issues. I also campaign charity works and breast cancer awareness on my site. Lastly, aside from reading, I am very passionate about photography.

This is my life as a celebration of being a new wife, a new mother, in a new country. Thank you for your continued visit....xoxo

P.O. Box 52900
                                                                            United Arab Emirates

 - about the world
 -about life
- about people
- about myself

 - myself
 - my family
 - my world
 - knowledge
 - learning
- life

 - for my beliefs
 - for my passions
 - to accomplish
 - to do good.
 - to be true to myself
 - against apathy

 - the boat, don't let the boat rock me
 - be a rock

Be Remembered.


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