Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Have an awesome Black Friday too!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shopping For Sunglasses

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Black Friday is fast approaching and on top of my must-buy list is a pair of sunglasses. I broke my last pair of aviator two months ago - probably from too much travel and heat temperature. It's taking me awhile to find the right pair because I like to take my time and choose wisely. I am also sort of picky on frames. While some ladies go gaga with an expensive bag, I on the other hand, cherish eye wear. It's an accessory I absolutely cannot live without.

Even on a bad hair-day and I must go out to face the world, I just put on a huge pair and my spirit seems to soar. As fashion queen Victoria Beckham said, "Sunglasses hide a multitude of sins." And I thorougly agree. Even if you didn't sleep well last night or you don't have the time to put on mascara - or your false lashes for that matter, you still look like a Hollywood star with the proper, exquisite frame.

I found this website called where I enjoyed browsing their stylish collection of women's sunglasses. But before I go further to add on my shopping cart, let me just share you some tips on how to buy a pair of sunglasses:

1. A good pair should block 98% of ultra violet light to avoid any eye ailment. After all, the ultimate purpose of sunglasses is to protect our eyes.

2. Choose polarized lenses as they permit only vertical light rays to pass through them, not horizontal, and thus they reduce glare.

3. Are you going to wear it everyday like I do in this perennially sunny city? Make sure you are comfortable on the colors of the glass before parting with your cash. Most sunglasses have grey lenses because grey is a neutral color hence making it comfortable for eyes. While red, brown, and yellow can be trendy at times, they can distort color.

4. While a stylish frame makes for the over-all impact of a sunglasses, make sure it is also durable and lightweight - especially if you intend to stay hours and hours lounging on the sunbed or playing golf.

I am currently looking on for a wrap-around model which I think are quiet neat on the face. They also provide thorough glare and dust protection as it eliminates them from creeping in around the lenses.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

London Dairy's Butter Pecan Ice Cream Stick

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A treat during warm evening at Zabeel Park. My favorite from London dairy is strawberry cheesecake but i must say, this flavor is oh so yummy, it's worth a try.

 Creamy, buttery, and nutty!!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Celebrate and Share The Spirit of Christmas

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It’s still over a month before the blessed day but we can already feel the chill and the thrill of Christmas all around us. Most might have already prepared their Christmas shopping list. For some perhaps - their wish list. In malls, streets, and restaurants, you’ll see dangling Christmas lights, wall decors, Santa Claus figurines – and most especially, Christmas trees of all sizes.So how about your house? Is the tree up yet?

In some places, freshly cut pine trees are available but if it’s impossible to find one in your area, you can always get an artificial Christmas tree from one of those enormous garden shops like Hayes Garden World. They offer gorgeous feel-real trees and pre-lit LED trees. Christmas Trees at Hayes Garden World come in a variety of selection and sizes – from 3 feet to a gigantic 12 feet.

Having a hard time choosing which tree? Is a fir tree better or a Bayberry Garland? You can always check out Christmas Trees on BBC for some ideas. You can bring your whole family to a garden center so everyone can have their vote when choosing your would-be Christmas tree at home.

Aside from getting you own Christmas tree for your home, another way to spread the spirit of Christmas is to share your blessings. You can visit orphanages and evacuation centers to decorate and spread cheer by giving small tokens and free snacks however simple it may be. Another way is to join the Trees for Troops project. You can join by SMS donation or Mobile Fan Club. Simply Text TREE to 50555 to make a $10 mobile donation OR Text SPIRIT to 50555 to join Mobile Fan Club. Their aim is to deliver Christmas trees to 60+ military bases in the United States and overseas.

Dyed Flowers

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I saw these at a local flower shop over the weekend.

A burst of colors!

They used eyedropper to administer food coloring to these originally white roses.

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Orange Tuesdays

Monday, November 14, 2011


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Some potted cacti I saw at Al Ain Safari and Zoo.

Their leaves has evolved into spine. Cacti's distinctive appearance is a result of adaptations to conserve water in dry and/or hot environments.

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Green Monday

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Bought a Tree...and a Reindeer

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I've been very busy with work for the past weeks. By the time the holiday came, I was down with flu but I still had deadlines to beat. Hubby took care of Little C but the boy just wanted to go back to school. He was bored with home routine that at one time he kept on drawing, and coloring hoping that we will say the magic words: you will go to school tomorrow. So I learned something valuable: on his next school vacation, we have to bring him somewhere.

Anyway, to make up to my boys, I received payment from my writing tasks so I bought our first Christmas tree. And a reindeer lol! It looked so forlorn at Daiso Store where they packed my tree so i asked the staff to wrap the deer as well lol!

I bought baubles, ornaments, and and Christmas lights as well. I'm not yet done decorating though but when Little C arrived from school, he was completely smitten!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winners of Shutterfly 2011 Holiday Promotion

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Thank you so much for all your support. The 2011 Shutterfly Holiday Promotion Giveaway received 21 entries. But alas, I only have to pick three winners. Do not worry though because I shall come up with more contest and giveaways so stay tuned.

The three lucky winners to receive free 25 Holiday Cards are:

1. Mitchteryosa

2. Mom Gen

3. Jared's Mum

All winners have been notified via email along with their 25 Holiday card promo code. If you did not receive yours, check your spam or please let me know as soon as possible.

Once again, a big thank you to all for your support.


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