Monday, March 24, 2008

coffee break # 2

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We Filipinos are very lucky to be blessed with various places to go to during summer. We have pristine beaches to fall in-love with and mountains rich with cluster of trees to hike. It is no surprise that tourists from all over the globe could be seen loving the Philippines. There are just too many places to visit in our country that even I can't get enough of.

This week's coffee break thus begins with this question in mind:

If you were to suggest
summer venues in the Philippines,
what 3 get-away trips
would you recommend?

We are fortunate to have such exotic places in our country. There is so much i want to explore during summer time like scuba diving in Batangas, surfing in La Union, white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro, or dolphin watching in Bohol. The latter, hubby promised we will visit the place on our next vacation to the Philippines. As for recommendation, these are the ones I have been to and yes, i definitely say these are the places to be come summer:

1. my home town Batanes - check out the slide show of our little paradise on my sidebar
2. Puerto Princesa, Palawan - we spent here our honeymoon. the place has so much to
offer: the Underground River, island hoping on Honda Bay,
the gorgeous Ka Lui Restaurant, butterfly garden, crocodile farm
and the iwahig prison
3. Donsol, Sorsogon - experience the whale shark (butanding) interaction.
you don't need to be a swimmer to do this because it is only a shallow dive

Thank you for visiting and till next entry. If you wish to join coffee break, visit Jan's blog.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday musings

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I usually don't log in on weekends because it is family time. But hubby is nursing hang-over and our little prince is fast asleep so i decided to make a post since i do not feel sleepy yet.

Ceasar went out last night to meet with other ex-cadets of the Philippine Military Academy. Over three bottles of brandy, the seven lonesome soul updated each other on what happened to their lives since they left PMA. As i gather from hubby's stories, one is involved in the Burj Dubai project, the other employed in a reputable British company. Their conversation went on from reminiscing to jokes to some serious stuff like how to help fellow Filipinos here in the UAE. Now they are planning to put up an organization of the Grayknights here in Dubai focusing particularly in helping their fellow cadets who are trying to make a better living here in the gulf. I think it is a great idea and i really hope everything they planned will push through.

So helping other people was our main topic this morning. Given the chance, hubby will give anything and everything to help other people, to ease up their condition. He once admitted that he wanted to be perfect in the eyes of others in terms of giving help to the needy. That he is willing to make sacrifices just to help other people, ignore his tired body just so he could respond to a call for help. And now that he is a manager, he feels more pressured to help those Filipinos seeking employment here in the UAE. Unfortunately, he cannot recommend any lower position (i.e. laborer) because his company opts for Vietnamese and Indians due to cheap labor.

As our discussion progressed to the benefits of managerial position, I asked him if we can get the room next to ours. It will be a perfect room for Andre since it has its own kitchen and bathroom. And while Andre is still very young to occupy it, we can use it to entertain friends or his Grayknights. And Ceasar was like, we can even offer it as free accommodation! For the newcomers here, they can stay for free while looking for job. And when they do find one, they move out so we can accommodate the next visit visa! What a brilliant, brilliant idea!!

Oh i am excited about it! The room costs 2,000 dirham. It is higher than the average salary of the Filipinos here but we are willing to sacrifice moving out to a better, posh place so we can help other people. Accommodation here in the UAE is most expensive and so we think this is the best way we can help. The room is still occupied by a couple. But the wife informed me before that they want to move to a bigger place in Bur Dubai. They are also just waiting for their papers to be completed because the husband's work will take them to Australia anytime. Oh i pray that by the time they move out, Ceasar would have been given his full benefits hehe.

I feel great. It's nice to know that in the future, you are certain you can help other people.

10 minutes to a happy you!

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So we continue my clippings on life lift. For those who missed the first three parts, you can click get happy category.

16. Take a 20 second luge thrill ride
Hurtle down the luge at Ski Dubai's Snow Park. The ride will take less than a minute, but the buzz will last all day. Or better yet, climb up Jebel Hafeet.

17. Spend five minutes in your knicker drawer

If you often suffer from thrush, combat this yeast infection by throwing out knickers that aren't 100 percent cotton. Man made fibers are more likely to create the w
arm environment that encourages thrush to flourish.

18. Lick a teaspoon of honey for 60 seconds
Doing this will send a quick surge of the happy hormone serotonin to your brain within five minutes.

19. Suck on some liquorice for five minutes
And yes, we do mean the confe
ctionery variety. The liquorice extract used as a sweetener can ease chesty coughs.

20. Sniff some may chang for five seconds
It's a sherbet lemon-scented oil.

Yes you can be happy in many other ways aside from devouring that Ferrero. Good night everyone. Till next entry!

Monday, March 17, 2008

coffee break #1

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Given the respect and understanding that we all have our free will to choose how we spend the Holy Week, our coffee break begins with this thought in mind:

Is your Lenten Season
a time for reflection
or a time for relaxation?

For us, it is both a time for reflection and relaxation. True that we should be more reflecting and remorseful during Holy Week than in any other time of the year but because it is also a long holiday, people tend to grab this chance to have a break away from work and be with their families. Maybe there is nothing wrong with a get-away vacation but vacation goers should also spend some time alone to be with the Lord -- to thank Him and reflect on the blessing and trials they have been blessed with.

Here in the gulf, the Easter Sunday was declared a holiday last year for the Christian expatriates. I don't know if it goes the same for this year. And if ever, that one day holiday will be most welcome. It is all work, and work here. Hubby can use a three-day vacation hehe. After church, maybe we will check out the easter egg hunting on the shopping malls (they have been heavily advertised). This will be Andre's first Easter so we would want to make it as fun for him as possible. Then maybe we will also check out a photography and jewelry exhibit around the Bastakiya (creekside) area.

If you wish to join coffee break, visit Jan's blog. Thanks everyone!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

bath time!

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Ever since Andre's cord fell off, we moved his bath from sponge to his own tub. Hubby fondly gives his night bath every 9 o'clock. I tried giving Andre a bath once but then i was freaking inside the bathroom because baby was so slippery it gave me a fright. Anway, i just want to share you some pics of our 12-week-old prince. I took these yesterday as i watched my precious father and son calmly go through their night routine.

Andre will probably be mad at me for sharing his naked glory but i can't help it hihi. I just have to share these moments like any proud parent will do hihi. Good night everyone!

Friday, March 14, 2008

a good Friday

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Whew! I felt like we accomplished a lot today hihi.

First, we attended the baptism seminar. We were running late and even forgot Andre's mirror at the back seat but we reached St. Mary's Church just a few minutes late. The moderators of the seminar were very kind and accommodating so we all knew what to do and what to prepare between today and the christening ceremony.

As for me and hubby, we needed to get an appointment with any of the priests to have the baptism form validated. It was a requirement for us because we were married in a civil court. Thankfully, the Filipino priest, Father Zaki Parra, did not so much make a fuss about us not being married in church. (gosh, i was even prepared to lie or make up anything just so he would baptize my son hahaha) He signed our baptism application form right away. He even carried Andre and I managed to take a picture of them hehe. Take a look...

A RELIGIOUS ENCOUNTER. Fr. Zaki Parra of St. Mary's Church Dubai
and our prince Andre

I want to thank Lyn-Lyn too for finding time to attend the seminar. She even volunteered to take care of Andre's stroller while we were inside the priest's office. Thank you so much, dear. See you at the baptism!!

After clearing the church commitments, we headed to Burjuman Mall for a quick lunch. Hubby and i only had coffee for breakfast so we were both ravenous at 11 o'clock a.m.. He had fruits of the sea and i had a whooper from BK. Then we rounded the mall again to buy a gift for Ceasar's latest god child, Anthony Lance. What a nice name!

On our way home, we checked one of the recommended restaurant in the Bur Dubai area called Rose Bowl. It was nice but i found it too small to pack 40 people. Besides, parking space is too difficult in the area.

We reached home and took a nap. While Andre went on to sleep, hubby and i arranged the christening favors. The ceremony is still three weeks away, but i guess we are both excited hihi. Then we talked about our other options for the venue of the celebration and we both decided on an Iranian buffet. How ironic to celebrate a Christian tradition in a halal restaurant. That is celebration with an attitude, man!

Anyway, the lovely restaurant near us has a huge free parking space at the back. That would make it so much easier for our guests. Now that the venue and food cost has been estimated, i need to get back to my invitation and party favors. Whew, motherhood really rocks!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

10 minutes to a happy you

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Thursday is here again. I shall be busy over the weekend so i might not be able to log in. We are attending the baptism seminar tomorrow and if we can schedule the christening next Thursday, i will have to deal with the guest lists, invitations, and favors. But before i go, i leave you these...

11. Zap your bikini line in 10 minutes
A Brazilian boosts sexual satisfaction says 53 percent of testers. Hair cushions sensations in the clitoris so if you remove it, sex is more stimulating. Hmmnn...

12. Do a five-minute furniture re-jig

Your hallway is the transition point between work and home. Walk and you should see something beautiful such as a picture or paiting and you'll immediately feel h
appy at home.

13. Go fluoro in 30 seconds

Color therepists believe neon co
lors give seriou vitality buzz, so add bright shoes, a bag, or necklace to your outfit and you'll feel energized whenever you see it.

14. Fill in your diary for two minutes
Anticipation of fun things makes you feel as good as doing them.

15. Make a five minute detour to the florist
Studies says that flowers giv
e immediate joy and make you feel happier for a whole week afterwards.

Have a good Friday everyone!!!


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I feel the cold anger again. I've been praying it will go away and wake up to a lovely morning like it used to be. but the urge to pick up something and just smash it against the wall seems to be mounting..

I have replayed the scenes of opening up to anybody. but i know i shall only be asked - how shall it be fixed? It will never be fixed. I need to work on to heal myself. Healing entails moving on. And moving on means getting away. And getting away means choosing between the most important things in my life.

I know what choices i should make. I know what choice is good for everybody. And that choice would mean sacrificing how i feel. That choice shall mean i will be hurting everyday.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Emo Qs from Bianca

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I snagged these from smarty pants, Bianca. It's quiet long but enough to keep me awake until Andre's next feeding.

All About Moi

1. Are you slowly drifting away from
someone close?
- Yay!!I hope not.

2. When was the last time you felt
unbearably gu
- I can't remember.

3. How is life going for you right now?
- I've been very tired lately. I feel
like I don't have enough energy to think
and to accomplish my tasks. I'm nervous about Andre's christening celebration. This will be the first time we are throwing a "party" so i ho
pe i do not overlook any detail. Also, I've been emotional-irrational for a couple of weeks already. Aaargh!!!

4. When was the last time you held
someone’s hand?
- Just awhile ago when we went out for dinner.

5. Who can you tell everything to?
- the mirror haha.

7. Who was the l
ast person you talked
to on YM?
- Betong

8. Last words you spoke?
- "Daddy loves Andre and Mommy loves Andre!."

9.Have you ever kissed anyone who's
name started with R?
- No.

13. How do you feel about gay marriage?
- I support it, esp
ecially if it is what
my gay friends think would make them happy.

14. What is the next concert you're
going to?
- None so far.

17. Can you play guitar hero?
- Nope. I am never musically inclined.

18. Do you like someone?
- Yes.

21. Is any part of your body sore?
- My c-section wound.

22. Who was your last text from?
- Manang Elsie

23. What is the last mov
ie you watched
in theaters?
- I am Legend. Putol putol pa

24. What do you currently hear right
- Washing machine humming.

27. Who did you kiss this year at
- Hubby

28. Who did you last share a
bed with?
- This morning, I shared the bed with Andre

32. Do you think fish have feelings?
- I hope so. They make nice pets.

33. What do you think of the person you
took this from?
- one smart ass

34. What do you currently s
mell like?
- Waterlily from Marks & Spencer

35. How old do you think you will be
when you finally have kids?
- I gave birth to a prince at 27. and i thought it was the farthest thing on my mind!

36. Would you rather w
atch football or
- Hmmmm soccer. I want to see Beckham strut his stuff.

37. Missing someone right now?
- Yes.

38. What's the strangest fact about
- I'm an alcoholic.

39. Where are your top 5 people on your
friends list?

- Everywhere.

43. How much money do you have on you?
- a few dirhams on my wallet i think

44. Do you slee
p naked?
- Sometimes.

45. Favorite color?
- juicy, delicious colors

46. Do you burn easily in the sun?
- No.

47. Do you speak another language other
than English?
- Yes.

48. What made you happy today?
- My son's smiles and squeals and coos.

53. Do you appreciate the last person
you embraced?
- Yes.

54. Did you cry today?
- Yes

55. Why yes? Why not?
- Tired. Homesick.Bored. Longing.Confused.Lost.Sick. Sleepy.

Hooo-hum. Got to feed my Andre now. Till next taggie! and yes, feel free to snag this ladies!

flowers for me

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What An Iris Says About You

You are incredibly hopeful and courageous.

Even when you've been challenged in life, you have faith that everything will work out.

Your feelings run deep, and you are a very grateful person.

Hmmnnn......i will survive this agony then. Bye for now!

i need a bottle

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...of beer that is. I am yearning for a long talk with a total stranger. I need to pour my heart out, have someone listen to my sorrow.

Sometimes when people betray you, no matter what else they do, they will never get that trust back again. When they make you feel inadequate, no matter what else they say, they can never fix that. And that makes me very, very sad. It's like things will never be the same again.

Gosh i feel so lost, and so broken.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

inks around the world tag

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I received this taggie from Butchay. Thank you dear, for remembering. Sorry too for the late posting. Do forgive an inexperienced Mom hehe.

1. Place your link after the list. If you have more than 1 blog, feel free to add them all here!
2. After placing your blog's address/es, you must tag your other blogger friends that is not yet in the list, this is to keep the ball rolling.

Links around the world tag (update as of Mar. 10, 2008)
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I'm tagging Lis, Jan, Lutchi and Nova. Spread The love my friends.!!!

congratulations husband!

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Hubby's promotion as Design Manager was formally announced yesterday. Oh we are ecstatic!! He spent barely two years with the company but he proved himself worthy to handle enormous projects. With prayers, they offered him to be among the leaders so he is now a Design Manager. And that makes me the manager of the manager hahahaa.

Anyway, congratulations again, Honey. Good luck to all your plans for the department and I hope you will attain your objectives for this year.I know that if Andre can speak, he will agree with me when i say we will always be here to support you, make you smile, and give a back massage after a long hard day's work.

I love you, I love you.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

10 minutes to a happy you (part 2)

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I love Thursdays. Because it signals the start of the weekend here in the GCC. I might not be able to log in because it is family time for us so i leave you the second part of ways to be happy.

6. Chop extra vegetables in 60 seconds.
Eating fruits and veggies make you feel happy as well as healthy (as you do something good for yourself). If you are bored with the usual suspects, try something new such as kohlrabi - a white, green or purple cabbage that's yummy steamed.

7. Take five minutes to find your P point.
Sexologists say this point is located on your perineum and is an underrated pleasure.

8. Listen ten seconds longer.
Often we stop listening to someone as we think we're not going to hear anything valuable or worthwhile. But try listening longer and you might be surprised at what you hear.

9. Do the five-minute back check
The Spinal Mouse is a small hand held scanner that pinpoints the exact cause of a niggly back or neck ache and "what might cause more problems in the future.

10. Take five minutes to match-make a mate
We feel good when we help others so why not flip through your black book and set your best bud up with a date to help her find Mr Right?

Have a good Friday everyone!

christening prep

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As i shared previously, we are now planning for our little prince's baptism. Hubby and i will attend the church seminar next Friday. Hopefully, along with the chosen god parents too. But life is so busy here in Dubai and we understand the chosen god parents will also want to spend the whole weekend with their respective families so maybe they will not make it to the seminar. That is fine as long as they show up in the church hehe.

We also have found a nice little restaurant near the house for the dinner celebration. I have spoken to the owner and she is now planning the menu. I told her nothing fancy or formal. Just a lovely evening with our friends in honor of our son.

So the christening favors are almost complete. I found twelve lovely candle sticks for church use and I have found a shop to print the invitations. The only problem would be Andre's christening gown. I searched all the baby stores in the Mall of the Emirates but to no avail. Last night, hubby found one in an Italian baby shop but it costs 400 dirhams! Gosh, it will be a one time use so we are definitely not considering such expensive outfit. We will just have to find remedy among those white onesies at Babyshop.

Okay, got to go now because hubby is going on a diving trip tomorrow and I still have to prepare his things. Ciao everyone and thank you for the continued visits!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

10 minutes to a happy healthy you

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Who said getting healthy or happy had to take time? For the next few days, I will share with you my 40 clippings that is proven by studies and researchers to make you feel good in less than 10 minutes. Come read on, because it is worth a try.

1. Tumble dry your socks for 90 seconds

Did you know that one of the things that tells your body that its bedtime is the blood vessels in you hands and feet dilating? Stimulate action by putting on warm socks and you'll fall asleep faster.

2. Gargle with water for 60 seconds
Doing this three times a day cuts your risk of colds by a third. Just don't laugh while doing it, ok?

3. Check you bank statement for two minutes
A recent study showed that 62 percent of us feel happier if we are in control of our finances. And even once a week read to see whether you're on a budget will help.

4. Spend 10 minutes doing something you've been putting off
Thinking about doing your expenses or making that dreaded call is ten times more stressful than actually doing it - so get it over with and feel the weight lift from your shoulders.

5. Spend 10 minutes googling an old friend
Former friends could well bring something to your life now so fire up the search engines and start digging. We all can benefit learning the art of friendship.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

let's play domino!

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I received this taggie from dear blogger friend Yza. Thank you dear for the continued visit. I owe you some so I am doing this taggie right away. Thank you too for remembering. Hugs!

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Thea is {}
My Scrappy Side


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