Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DVD Date: Savages

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Sometimes, a good sleep is not the cure to stress but rather an entertaining movie. We squeezed in a DVD date last night. Both Hubby and I needed a break from work and thankfully, Little C was soo tired from school that he dozed off early giving as some much deserved adult time.

Hubby was hesitant at first with my DVD choice. We both don't like horror or gruesome films and the title alone is rather chilling. But I pointed out Oliver Stone is one very good director the very same one behind the documentary we watched a few years back on Cuban President Hugo Chavez. Regardless of the title, Oliver Stone always delivers something good having focused most of his films on politics and cultural issues.

Savages is a crime thriller which stars Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Blake Lively, Salma Hayek, Benicio del Toro, and John Travolta. The plot is simple. Two best friends head over heels in love with a girl and goes on to share her - which confronts the threesome trend. Their relationship, however a taboo it may seem, was presented artfully in a way you won't despise any of them. Blake Lively narrates the story and though I used to think she has great screen presence, I think it was Taylor Kitsch's act that was more arresting.

The baddies are composed of Hayek and del Toro. They ran this drug empire and wants a partnership with the clean-weed growing guys played by Kitsch and company. They refuse and that's where it all goes wrong. 

The DVD was released yesterday and yes I do recommend getting a copy. If you are a huge Blake Lively fashion fan, she won't disappoint here. She's was a total beach babe, all blonde hair, rich girl and punished in white maxi dress. The movie received mixed reviews but Oliver Stone succeeds in capturing the young movie goers and show how dark gruesome movies are executed.

Poetique Fashion

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Armore Di Casa is a design company that are responsible for the Poetique collection found at Fashion For Home. Using natural finishes as well as contrived finishes, Armore Di Casa create furniture with an excellent standard of craftsmanship, as well using fashions that are found in recent interior design trends such as antiques and country style rustic pieces. Antiques without the age!

For example, this set of drawers. Using classical designs, this is a garish piece of furniture that is finished in such a way to make it seem antique. There are curved classical expressions on the handles as well as a floral decoration on the base. For an old time look, coupled with fantastic craftsmanship this is a perfect example. Make yourself feel like a child of the renaissance.

Another piece from the Poetique range is this side table. Perfect as a bedside table, or just an added space for items to sit on, this compliments the set of drawers completely. Romantic and elegant, Armore Di Casa can turn your house into an old time regal paradise, bursting with warmth and character this winter.

Yet another example of the Poetique range would be this beautifully finished clock. The ageing technique used on the wood has no impact on the sturdiness of it, leaving you with an antique looking clock, which has the robustness of a new, modern piece. Time has stood still here.

If the antique look isn't your style and you find yourself swinging towards more of an en vogue minimalist theme, Fashion For Home offer a wide variety of contemporary style furniture. From 40's, 50's and 60's influenced items, right up to modern day minimalist interior trends. Fashion for Home has it all. Not only are their products reliable and good looking, they all come from sustainable materials at a highly affordable price. An added bonus! So why wait, treat yourself this Christmas.

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