Saturday, December 22, 2007

holiday feel!

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What The Holidays Mean to You

For you, the holidays are a very spiritual time. You have as much holiday fun as everyone else - but you never forget what you're celebrating.

You celebrate the holidays in a offbeat style. You believe the holidays are for doing whatever you feel like - and some of your "traditions" are pretty wacky.

During the holidays, you feel happily busy. There's so much do to and not a lot of time to do it. But you enjoy every minute of your holiday chores.

You think the holidays should be nostalgic and sweet. The holidays bring out your inner child.

Your best holiday memories are warm and intimate. You remember special moments more than gifts or parties.

attend the best medical school!

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Are you interested in a medical profession? The high salary and benefits received by people working on the medical field has always been envied by other people from other profession so that you can always hear a previous teacher, or an office worker suddenly changing careers and going for a nursing school or trying to be a health practitioner. But just how do you know which school, or training program should you be attending?

Now you can get a help and study on the best medical schools by visiting this site called Here you can learn about the leading online and campus health care schools in the US. The recommended schools found in this website such as the Sanford Brown and University of Phoenix give the best medical assistant training programs. Their graduating students easily find jobs in the exciting world of health care.

For the specialized health care profession that require specialized trainings, you can also check out their varied medical assistant programs. So if you are interested to become a medical manager, nurse, a dental assistant, or a radiologist, visit the website now for the leading medical assistant schools you can attend to!

get help with your auto loan

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I just finish reading our weekly copy of Wheels here in the UAE and as usual, I go crazy with all those new autos, speed racers, and exotic cars. Owning one of these is a dream for most people that is why there is a steady increase of people applying for car loans. And I found a great website for you where you can get help and consequently avoid paying higher interest. is a website intent on educating consumers interested in auto financing. Their auto loan blog is very helpful and enlightening as it discusses what one must need to prepare ahead of time before your loan application. Accordingly, you must secure a copy of your credit report so you can figure out how to use it to your advantage. And when you have found that great car loan, the next step would be obtaining an equally beneficial and reliable car insurance. The website will also give you tips on how to haggle for the best price and many more useful tips for auto loans. Isn't all that cool?

Whether you are thinking of a brand new car loan, used car loan or refinancing your current car loan, is a must visit. They also offer free car quotes, and if you are interested to know more about your favorite car manufacturers such as Volvo, Maserati, or Audi, they also share you their history.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


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It is a merry time here in the UAE because they are celebrating the long Eid which goes for about four days -- approximately 70 days after the month of Ramadan. Both the private and government sectors will be on vacation starting today and offices will resume on the 23rd. That is a great news also for the expatriates here because they can get their much deserved rest and sleep.

I found this lovely greeting card and I am posting it to extend our greetings to all the Emiratis and our Muslim brothers all over the world.

Monday, December 17, 2007

crazy rants and bodacious awards!

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Happy Sunday everyone! Last week had been a busy one. Hubby celebrated his birthday and we arranged for a Christmas picnic at the Dubai Creek Park. We had a simple lunch of yummy roasted turkey and lots of cakes, sparkling grape juice and beer with our friends. We packed around 9pm tired, but we all enjoyed.

Last week was also spent shopping (in my 38 weeks tummy) for Christmas gifts for hubby's club parties. I wrapped about 25 gifts! Yay! It was all soo tiring and my fingers were numb in between but it was most satisfying to see all those presents in shiny wrappings and ribbons. It is one of the best thing I like about Christmas hihi.

Anyway, I am back and I hope to blog and do reviews until my baby comes out. Really, this waiting game is killing me. I just can't wait to pop out and see my baby!! Good thing I am so addicted to blogging it keeps my mind off the baby. Thank you, my dear visitors for visiting and for checking on me. I am fine and coping, i just have to do some of those wifey duties last week.

Before I sign off tonight, I want to acknowledge these two awards. Sorry ladies for the late claim but I am most honored.

I received this award from Yza of In My World.

Bodacious: Adj. A blend of bold and au
dacious. Remarkable. Noteworthy.

Thank you so much dear, for the recognition.

And somebody loves me in Texas because I got this award...

Thank you so much, Anne! and congratulations on your new laptop!! You deserve it because you are such a sweet, darling wife!

To my other blogger friends, I hope you can visit Yza's In My World and Anne's My Virtual Journal. Do link on them and experience a sincere, beautiful, friendship just like the one they extended to me.

Good night and sweet dreams, everyone!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

online pharmacy

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Are you looking for an online pharmacy? I discovered one for you at and with their complete discretion and FedEx delivery, this could easily become your favorite online drug store.

At, you do not need to wait for your doctor's prescription to buy Tramadol. You can visit their website, choose your medicine, fill out their medical questionnaire, and submit. This will be reviewed by their U.S. Licensed Physicians and if approved, their U.S. Licensed Pharmacists will dispense your order the very next day. All that simple.

Now you don't have to line up to the doctor's clinic and wait for a month to get your own dose of medicine. At, you can order them anytime, right at the convenience of your own home.

For new wives and new moms who wants to make sure a cure is always a click away, is worth checking out!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

a Christmas poem

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Christmas is a time for Love

Christmas is a time for Love; a time for Joy and Peace;
A time to trim the Christmas Tree and a time to stuff the geese.
It's a time when we can come together, however far or near;
To shed a little hope into a world of sorrow and fear.

Yet Christmas could be all year 'round, if only we would try
To gently wipe an old man's brow or soothe a baby's cry.
If we could smile thr
oughout the year as we do on Christmas Day;
Just think what happiness we'd shed along life's weary way.

To give a gift of Hope to one who otherwise has none;
To be a Friend to somebody whom everyone else has shun.
To be Forgiving of our faults, and of our sisters and our brothers;
To Live in Peace and Harmony with ourselves and with each other.

Ah, don't you see that Christmas is more than opening up the gifts;
It's more than singing Christmas Carols and rolling in big snow drifts.
It's a f
eeling that can stay with you throughout each day, all year;
And all it takes is a loving heart.....and a sensitive little tear....

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Vitamins to the Rescue

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I just arrived from my pre-natal check-up and my ob-gyn says my contractions has already started. It occurs between 15 to 20 minutes so she says maybe the baby will come out sooner than the due date December 29. Oh really hope so!! I want us all three to spend new year at home instead of the hospital hihi. Anyway, I am doing our laundry right now and I have another task to do from sponsored review but first let me continue my clippings on vitamins.

3. Weight Problems

The Condition

Being overweight not only increases your risk of contracting other diseases, but is also considered a disease in itself. A person who is greater than 20 percent above their ideal weight is considered obese. In order to lose weight, you must burn more energy than you consume.

You may have a problem with your weight if you experience tiredness, shortness of breath and psychological problems such as low self-esteem and poor body image. being overweight can also cause aching legs and back pain. Obesity is most often caused by overeating, poor diets, lack of exercise, food allergies and sensitivities. hypothyroidism, and poor liver function.

The Solution
We all know that in order to lose weight, you must cut down your food intake. But doing so means you also take away a lot of nutrition your body needs, so consider supplementing your diet with a multivitamin.

A chromium supplement that also contains magnesium and zinc helps the body to use glucose effectively, and relieves symptoms of hypoglycaemia, including sugar cravings. The herb milk thistle helps to support your liver function, and a probiotic supplement containing acidophilus and bifidus improves bowel regularity. Digestive bitters containing dandelion meadowsweet, gentian, agrimony and ceylon cinnamon can also help to support good digestive and liver function.

have a good laugh!

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Christmas Cartoon of the Week

care homes

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Being a wife and soon-to-be-mom certainly made me more health conscious. I am always on the look out for health reading materials and I see to it that I am updated on what is the going on on the medical world. Looking after your family's health is certainly a very big responsibility. That is why I am glad to learn about a website where I can get all the answers to my questions about health and care. At Bettercaring, they have a lot of information on home and residential care, including information on finances and its legal implications. You can also make a care search on available care homes in the UK.

The websites' discussion forum and letters page are also worthwhile to read. Here, members share their experiences and care experts share useful tips. I would truly recommend Bettercaring to any wife or mom who wants to be assured she gets the best care for her family.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

updates and awards

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Yay! I just learned that my blog is featured at Weekend Snapshot. Too bad because I missed the entry for this week. We had a 3-day holiday so hubby and I spent it relaxing away from home. Anyway, thank you soo much to Weekend Snapshot. I feel honored and that is one awesome recognition. I will be back on the weekend blogroll next week.

But I do have another reason to smile this morning because I was able to grab another task today with good pay out. Now I am signing off because I need to rest. I feel I am about to have colds and I cannot afford that with the baby due any time this month. My ob-gyn says the baby is all ready to come out at 36 weeks. Everything is normal: he is not small nor a large baby. We are just waiting for him to choose his birthday hihi. Oh i wish he would come out this Christmas! Hubby and I are really excited now.

Well, I am about to sign out now but I take one last look at my tag board and I received a message from a dearest blogger friend and fellow-soon-to-be-Mom, Anne. And look what she gave me!

Whew. This is my second award for the week! Thank you so much, Mommy Anne! I feel so honored and I am sharing this award with my other blogs called Reign Rosell and Outside Our Not So Big House.

To the rest of my blogger friends, I hope you can visit Anne's Virtual Journal. She is always fun and sincere, and I know you will be grateful for adding her as a link and a friend.

Have to go now and sleep. Ciao!

our new year bedding!

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Ever heard the saying that polka dots on New Year would mean more prosperity? Well, I guess it does not hurt to believe in that, and it has been our family tradition. My Grandma used to dress us up in polka dots when we were younger. Our house too is not spared as she would hang polka dot themed curtains.

I see no harm following this tradition so I went shopping online today for something with polka dots to display around the house. And oh what a discovery I had: a beautiful polka dot bedding. I thought the smell and feel of new beddings will feel great and cozy this coming New Year. Look at this...

I got this lovely polka dot bedding at There were many more beautiful designs to choose from: there were large and small polka dots in various colors but I opted for this one because it perfectly complements our all-white bedroom. The bedding transforms the room, making it fun and playful. Also, I like the clean contrast of red and white because it is easy on the eyes. Plus, the store assured me that the material they used is highly breathable, soft, and durable. Oh, I can't wait f
or the shipment to arrive.

Well, if you are thinking of a make-over for your bedroom, maybe a quick visit to will help you get an idea how to start. Visit today!

Monday, December 3, 2007

a merry Monday

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We just finished a three-day holiday and I have a lot to do today hihi. The laundry piled up and I have to do a review then update my three blog babies but I feel so recharged so I do not mind getting busy. And what a way to start the week. Look what I got from my new blogger friend Nova..

Thank you so much, sweet Nova, for remembering and for always visiting my page. I am sharing this award with my other blog Reign Rosell and my newest called Outside Our Not So Big House.

To my other blogger friends, I hope you can also visit Nova's sincere and interesting blog called SuperNova & SweetPain. Do link on her and experience the thoughtfulness she extended to me.

come shopping in Dubai!

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How would you like to start your new year with a fantastic holiday? We have been living in Dubai for about two years now and truly there is so much to see and experience in the city. You can go on a desert safari, enjoy the beach and warm sun, then go skiing all in one day. You can attend prestigious events such as the GITEX Technology & Consumer Expo or the Dubai International Motorshow. There is always something special for everybody.

And Dubai is starting the new year with a big blast. Come January and February is the annual Dubai Shopping Festival. Once again, the city will claim the title as the shopping capital of the world. Prestigious brands of clothing, accessories, home and baby products, arts and crafts and anything else you fancy to buy will go on sale on shopping malls all over Dubai. The city also comes alive with lights all intended for the event.Happening also at the same time is the annual global village event where countries across the world will be able to display their own products in their own themed market stalls for every tourist to ogle and buy. From the Greece's statues to Tasmania's exotic products to the Turkey leather, you can have a glimpse of the produce and food any country has to offer.

Of course planning your trip to the city of captivating contrast includes booking for a place to stay. And I just have the right discovery for you. There is a website called that offers you a place to stay with a home-like comfort. These Dubai hotel apartments are located in the most exclusive places like the Arabian Ranches, The Greens, and the posh Dubai Marina. They offer a huge variety of apartments and short term rentals in Dubai, with a comprehensive range of fully self-contained and serviced apartments for singles, groups, or families.

No matter what your budget, Dubai Apartments has the accommodation to suit you: from luxurious, high-end Dubai hotels and short term rentals right through to Dubai accommodation for the more budget conscious. Visit then at and book online for your place. Then brace yourself for the ultimate shopping experience at the Dubai Shopping Festival. See you there!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

have a good laugh!

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Christmas Cartoon of the Week


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