Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday musings

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Ang bilis talaga ng panahon. My Prince Andre is two months old now and also aging is his pretty Mommy hihi. I had my 28th birthday this month and what a roller-coaster celebration. Andre and his Dad bought me a pretty ice-cream cake. We had a quite dinner that ended in a little war. I was all in tears but hubby and i made up soon. I don't know if i am suffering from a mild post partum depression but since giving birth, i feel very sensitive hahaha. Or maybe because the heightened maternal instincts is all new to me I still do not know how to deal with it.

Still I am glad we had a fight because we rarely have one. Truth is that is our second war for the two years we've been married. It's always been said that fights and arguments make for a healthy relationship. You really must learn to communicate, tell each other how you feel and address the issue. Ayt?!

Anyway, I hope to spend this year taking great care of Andre. I have so much to learn as a Mom. We are planning for his christening in the coming months and yay, I am pretty nervous about it. We went to church today to inquire how to go about it but everybody was busy with the three-hour Friday mass so maybe I will call the parish tomorrow instead. But the great thing was, we passed by a charity sale of religious items and we were able to buy give-aways for the christening. It is not yet complete but at least the list of things to worry about is getting shorter.

Well I have to end this entry now because we need to get up early tomorrow. Hubby is going to the office for overtime and he will drop me and Andre at the Mall of the Emirates. My darling Ceasar needs to give extra time to his work because he will be on probation as Design Manager starting March until July. Oh, we are all very happy about it! Hubby deserves the promotion more than anybody else in the world hihi. He works so hard and is so committed and loyal to the company. Way to go, baby! I love you. I love you. Mwaaaah!

Good night everyone!

Monday, February 25, 2008

February update

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Whew! It's been awhile since i updated my blog. I missed writing too and i missed all of my online friends. I wonder how is everybody now. Forgive me, ladies for not being able to return your visits. This inexperienced Mommy is trying to acquaint first with her little prince hehe.

With just me and hubby raising our little Andre, parenting books and websites are a great help. And many times, i have read that successful parenting starts with getting to know your baby -- how he likes to be held, how he likes to spend his nap time, what music soothes him, what are his favorite toys etc. Andre is turning two months old tomorrow and so far he has not challenged our parenting skills hihi.

My darling darling Andre is so trusting. He quites and stills in our arms when we clean his eyes and face. He does not make a fuss when we change his clothes and diapers. He has moments of independence too as he can play alone and doze off alone in his crib. He looks forward to his evening bath with his Dad and squeals in delight when he hears Barney songs.

And having established a great bonding with my prince, this Mommy must go back to blogging. There are bills to pay and any extra cash would be very helpful hihi. But before i sign out, i leave you a pic of the new family.

A weekend at Zabeel Park

(one more time....up close at 7 weeks)


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