Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pregnancy Myths

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Good evening everyone. I met a new friend today. She lives in the next villa and she is also pregnant like me. She is only on her 8 weeks and she asked advise on prenatal vitamins, food cravings, hospitals, and ob-gyn. I patiently answered all her queries and it felt funny hearing myself so comfortable talking about pregnancy and motherhood! Last year, it never occurred to me that i will be pregnant one day hihi.

Anyway, the incident reminded me to continue with my posts on pregnancy myths. So am listing here another three...

Pregnancy myth #3 --Your food craving will help you figure out the sex of the baby.

I was once told that if i do not crave for cheese, the baby will most likely be a boy. I don't know how much truth is in there but i really did not crave for anything cheesy on my first tri-sem (like i said in my previous entry). When i had my ultrasound on the 5th month, the ob-gyn said i am carrying a baby boy. I had my ultra sound again last month, and we were told again that we are definitely having a baby boy. According to medical experts, neither any food craving nor any shape or size of the tummy will help a pregnant woman figure out the sex of the baby. With the availability of the ultrasounds, there really is no need for suspense.

Pregnancy myth #4 -- Do not eat pineapple and papaya in pregnancy
Normal consumption of ripe papaya poses no significant danger. However, medical experts say that unripe and semi ripe papaya (which can cause marked uterine contractions) can be unsafe in pregnancy. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, but in a minute quantity; a person would have to consume at least seven pineapples to have any effects. The most likely effect of eating a large amount is bowel stimulation, which can kick start the uterine action, similar to the way castor oil can.

Pregnancy myth #5 --You cannot take any medication in pregnancy
We are always adviced not to pop any pill without first consulting our doctor. There is no need to suffer great pain (like you will experience in your dental appointment) by completely avoiding medication. There are many medications that are safe in pregnancy; when in doubt, ask your doctor.

For those who missed the previous entry, you can look on the category on my sidebar and click on pregnancy myths. Thank you very much for visiting and good night!!

What do you know about food allergies?

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I can be cured by shopping

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Twitter: What is it all about?

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A-Z of Alternative Health

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Good morning everyone! Thank you for your continued visits and interest on my clippings. It has helped me achieved a Google page rank of 3. Many are expecting this post so we now continue my entries on alternative health.

L is for Laughter Therapy
It may sound silly but many people believe that laughter is a powerful force that can strongly affect the way we feel about ourselves and our lives. Believers say that we are born with the gift of laughter and seriousness is learnt as we age. Learning to laugh again as they say, strengthens the immune system and increases intellectual performance. Find out more: www.teehee.com

M is for Massage Therapy
From Thai to Swedish tp Deep Tissue to Lomi Lomi, there are literally hundreds of differnet types of massage therapy, all of which manipulate the body's tissues and joints. The benefits depend on the type of massage, but it can be used for anything from relaxation to healing sports injuries. Find out more: www.massagehealththerapy.com

N is for Naturopathy
Champions of naturopathy believe that the body knows how to heal itself and that symptoms are manifestations of the body's own healing process. So rather than popping an aspirin to get rid of headache, believers use a holistic approach involving herbal remedies, nutritional changes, and physical therapies. Find out more: www.naturopathyonline.com

Your Guide to Dating Women

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Nobody wants to spend a cold Christmas alone. For the bachelors, you have barely two months to meet someone interesting, fascinating, and sexy and she can be cuddling with you under that huge Christmas tree with a help from this website called TheModernMan.com.

The site is a comprehensive guide intent to teach men on how to meet, attract, and date women. Let's face it, most men, no matter how confident they are in their career or sports do get anxious and nervous and ends up a complete fool when faced with a woman who can be all he ever wanted. TheModernMan.com helps you achieve a successful dating lifestyle with their articles, videos, audio tapes, and newsletters all for free. They also have an e-book called "The Flow" which you can download a free sample when you visit their website.

Let me show you some examples of successful tips from the site. Body language accounts for 80-90% of what you are communicating so that it is extremely important when it comes to meeting and dating women. A man should appear confident, relaxed and sure of himself. Women will easily detect if he fakes any of it so visit the site and learn how to send the right signals and improve your body language.

The site also teaches you the art of seduction. A man should understand that women are seduced by the mysterious, the exciting, the dangerous, and most of all, the potential for love. So that a man should be worth fantasizing about or else women will lose interest. All this and more are discussed comprehensively on TheModernMan.com.

From body language to seducing, this helpful website is also a haven for bachelors wanting to know how to be the player. There are some men who take time to enjoy themselves and keep on wanting new women thus they are called the player. This requires knowledge, skill, and plenty of experience. He has to develop his flirting ability and he must know how to be funny. Check out for more tips when you visit TheModernMan.com.

End all your dating woes now. Gear up today for a more exciting social life, a more successful dating lifestyle. Click the banner below!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

weekend snapshot #6

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I am taking you to the subterranean river in Puerto, Princesa, Palawan, Philippines this weekend. Hubby and i spent a weekend there last year. A world heritage inscribed by UNESCO, this natural wonder features an 8.2 kilometers, navigable underground river. Reputed to be the world's longest river that winds through a spectacular cave before emptying out into the South China Sea.

My snapshot as we approached the entrance of the underground river.

An example of what you see inside, amazing rock formations,
numerous stalactites and stalagmites.

After an hour of darkness inside the cave,
we finally saw a light we thought to be the exit...

But this happened to be the exit.

And this is how we looked like the whole trip: with skull guard and life vests.
That is us (the younger couple, naks!) with a Fil-Am couple vacationing from California.

The experience remains one of our best weekends ever. Thank you again for dropping by, have a great week ahead everyone and till next entry!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

taggie from Anne

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I received five taggie questions from the beautiful soon-to-be-Mommy Anne. They ask about our food habits so let's start.

1. Do you take vitamins and if so, what?
  • I need to take my pre-natal vitamin and caltrate everyday.
2. Do you make an effort to eat healthy, or you eat whatever you feel like eating?
  • Yeah, influenced by hubby. So i eat most of the vegetables now including ampalaya. When i got pregnant, my mouth waters for cold juicy fruits and green leaves. Yes, i do give in to my junk food cravings when i really can't help it. Hubby says it tastes like poison hihi. So i try to substitute it for popcorn.
3. What two types of food do you have a hard time staying away from?
  • Ice cream? I just cant resist that. Especially if they are on a wafer cone hahaha! and oh french fries too.
4. What are two food items you refuse to eat?
  • Patola. i think only that one.
5. Are you pleased with your daily diet or do you think it could be better?
  • Yes and it could be better if i eat my vegetable everyday.
Thank you, Anne for passing these questions. I enjoyed them so do keep them coming. Take care!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pregnancy Myths

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When I first broke out the news of my pregnancy, i was bombarded with advice ranging from eating peanuts to produce an intelligent baby to sleeping on the left side to hereditary delivery. I guess pregnancy is rife with old wives' tales that had been passed down to generations.

Starting today, I will share you the entertaining pregnancy myths I have encountered and some clippings on what expert obstetricians and gynaecologists has to say regarding these. Let's see if any of them are at least partially true.

Pregnancy Myth #1 -- Do not eat cheese while pregnant

I do not know if hearing this myth had an effect on me but during my first tri-sem, i really did not like to eat cheese. I've always loved pasta with loads of parmesan cheese, but suddenly i just had no appetite for it. Medical experts say that cheddar, mozzarella, cream cheese, and cottage cheese are perfectly safe. But definitely stay away from eating soft and semi-soft cheeses as they may contain bacteria called listeria that has been associated with miscarriage or preterm labor. Examples of soft cheeses include Brie and Feta.

Pregnancy Myth #2 --Do not bend down in pregnancy
There is definitely no harm caused to the baby by bending down, advised the experts. But they definitely recommend bending the knees and lowering the torso than straight bending down on the backbone level.

These is all for today because i am hungry again and i was munching an apple 20 minutes ago!hihi. I will continue to share more on my succeeding entries so do come back. Have a happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A-Z of Alternative Health

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It is lunchtime here, but let me continue with my clippings as it is now among the top tags on my Technorati profile. Thank you for your interest and for visiting. We look into another three types of alternative health.

I is for Iridology
This unsci
entifically proven therapy involves visiting an iridologist who studies the iris - the coloured part of the eye. Fans believe that small changes occur in the iris during the early stage of the disease. Iridology is a purely diagnostic toll after which the practitioner advises possible treatment methods. Find out more: www.iridology.com

J is fot Jin Shin Jyutsu
This ancie
nt Japanese "physio-pholosophy" heals using energy through the placement of hands on the specific areas of the body and deep breathing. The pressure is minimal and apparently serves to redirect or unblock the flow of energy through the body. Find out more: www.jinshinjyutsu.com

K is for Kinesiology
This relatively new complementary therapy was developed in the US in 1964. It uses a combination of of massage, magnets, flower remedies, nutrition and thought channelling to allegedly identify and treat allergies, hay fever, skin problems, stress, fatigue, and a number of other complaints. Evidence of its effectiveness is anecdotal. Find out more: www.kinesiology.net

That is all for now. Have to go grab a quick lunch. Thank you for visiting!

another treat!

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A wacky Wednesday to everyone! I got another sweet treat from a blogger friend in Weekend Snapshot. Her name is Maiylah and if you have time dear readers, do please check her pretty and interesting blog called Maiylah's Snippets.

Here, look what she gave me..

Thank you again, dear! I will add you on my links so i can visit you anytime not only on weekends' snapshot.

Happy Halloween too!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

my Ceasar

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I received this better half taggie from a very good blogger friend, Merydith. She is asking me to flaunt my honey hubby and i am smiling here like a dork because today is hubby and I's 25th monthsary as sweethearts, yay! So let's start with his picture.

hubby with his favorite hobby

1. Name/Pet Name:
Ceasar, my baby my honey

2. How and where did you meet:
We met in 2002 while both working for the Department of Education back in the Philippines. Then he went to work in Saudi Arabia and we started a long distance relationship in September 2005. When he finished his contract, he came home to the Philippines and we got married in April 2006. After three weeks, he left to work here in Dubai as structural/design engineer and i followed in October the same year.

3. Characteristics
Oh my, i can go on and on about how good he is. He is the most intelligent person i have ever met, and the kindest too. You can talk to him about anything and everything under the sun and you won't hear him say anything negative. He is appreciative and tries to understand people as much as he can. A classic Saguittarian, he loves learning new things, discovering new adventures, but he still enjoys the most simple things in life. He is so in control of himself probably because of the years he spent in the Philippine Military Academy. I've never seen him lose his temper or seen him mad. I admire his sincere interest to other people and tries to be friends and at peace with everybody. He is generous and feels most fulfilled when he is able to help other people. He enjoys gardening, loves animals, passionate about scuba diving, sings and plays the guitar very well, and is a fantastic cook. He is my greatest teacher and my greatest love.

4. Your plans 20-30 years from now
Build our dream farm house in the Philippines, travel around the world, visit those exotic diving places and art museums, put up a charity foundation, and watch the sunset by the beach.

Thank you again, Merydith for remembering. Now i want to tag my new blogger friends Peachy of My Life, My Love, My Everything and Annie of Journey of Life. Thank you, ladies in advance! I look forward to reading your posts so please let me know when you are done.

Have a great Monday!

a Monday treat

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Look what i got from Miss Emmyrose.....

Thank you for a great start of the week, Miss Emm. I am sharing this award with my other blog babies -- Kero's Journal and Reign Rosell.

My fellow blogger friends, i hope you will find time to visit Miss Emmyrose's blog. Simply click on her name and you will find her posts very interesting, uplifting, and entertaining.

Have a great week ahead everyone and thank you for visiting!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

weekend snapshot #5

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This is my snapshot of the window display of a baby shop we visited over the weekend.

We spent our Saturday shopping for the baby. I started my 8th months now and the ob-gyn officially confirmed we are having a baby boy! Hubby and i were so over the moon, we hit the nearest baby shop for some baby stuff. We bought a set for the newborn, carefully considering the size of the onesies because the doctor said baby has a huge feet hihihi! I am on my 31 weeks and baby's feet measures almost 7 cm. The head also measures around 32 weeks! Seems like huge baby but when people see me, they compliment that my tu
mmy is small for an 8 month. That got me worried a little but now, the doctor assured me that the baby weighs normal and is already on a head down position so everything is going just fine.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone and till next entry!

A-Z of Alternative Health

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A blessed Sunday everyone! Thank you for your continued visits. For those who had took interest on my Alternative Health clippings, here is another entry especially for you.

G is for Geopathy
The theory of geopathic stress is that our health is determined by our environment including natural elements like underground streams and fault lines, as well as artifiacial objects like pylons and mobile phone masts. It is thought that certain environmental elements cause vibrations that can cause ill-health - from head aches and asthma to cancer. Practitioners use multi-wave oscillators, which they believe to correct negative vibrations. Find out more www.alternativeways.co.uk/GSMain.htm

H is for Herbal Medicine
There's nothing more remotely wacky about traditional herbal medicine - the Chinese herbal remedy artemisia annua has string anti-malarial properties, and the origins of aspirin lie in a pain-reliever made from willow bark used since the 5th century BC. Find out more www.naturalherbsguide.com

and Homeopathy
This popular alternative therapy works on the principle of treating like with like. Therapists prescribe patients with a very small dose of an agent that would cause, in higher quantities, the symptoms that they are suffering from. Like most alternative medicines, its has its supporters and its critics -m some claim that its apparent due to a placebo effect. Find out more www.e-homeopathy.com

Till next time and thank you for dropping by!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thankful Thursday

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I woke up this morning with two $20 opps so i was ecstatic. I happily stroked my keyboard, made reviews and updated all of my three blog babies. They are all helping me to make a hundred dollar this week hihi. We are about to sleep now. Hubby is actually starting to doze off but i just have to I log in again and taraaaan...I have another blog award from Ritchelle. Here take a look...

My blogger friend Ritchelle always remember to appreciate my thoughts and efforts on all of my three blogs that i why i adore her so. My dear readers, i hope you will have time to visit her blogs too. Once you linked on her, prepare for pouring comments, tags, and awards. That is how thoughtful she is. Thanks again, girl!

A few days ago, i also received this award from Miss Genny. Though i already thanked her and placed the award on my sidebar, i have yet to flaunt it here on my posts hehe. Let me show you the award...

Thank you again, Miss Genny. You never fail to inspire me. Blogger friends, if you have the time to spare, do visit Miss Genny's blog. You will learn a lot from her and enjoy her beautiful thoughts.

This is indeed a thankful Thursday. I want to share these two awards with my other blog babies -- Kero's Journal and Reign Rosell. Goodnight everyone and have a good Friday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A-Z of Alternative Health

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A wonderful Wednesday to you!

We now continue my clippings on Alternative Health. For those who missed the previous entries, you can scroll down and click the Alternative Health on my category sidebar. Thank you very much.

D is for Dolphin Therapy
The profound effect that people report after swimming with dolphins may be all in the mind, but who cares if it helps people to feel better? Using captive dolphins, therapists asks patient to pat, feed or simply swim with the animals, and report a resulting change in hormones, endorphins, and enzymes. The therapy is reported to have positive effects on people particularly children - with autism, Down's syndrome, depression, and neurological disorders. Find out more: www.henryspink.org/dolphin_therapy.htm

E is for Ear Candling
Used to clear out the sticky wax from the ears, ear candling - or coning - involves inserting the base of a hollow, cone-shaped candle into the ear. When it's lit, a vacuum is created that sucks out accumulated wax. Ear candling should always be performed by a trained therapists. Find out more: www.coningcompany.com

F is for Flotation
The theory behind flotation is that sensory deprivation can be a form of therapy. Immersing yourself in salted water is said to induce deep relaxation, ease aches, and pains (including arthritis). improve circulation and regulate sleeping patterns. Sessions tend to take place in dark rooms these days, rather than in enclosed claustrophobic tanks. Find out more: www.floatforhealth.net

Till next entry!! Take care of your health everyone!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

smoked out

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Now there is really no excuse not to quit.

A new treatment called Champix tablets, has been approved by the Ministry of Health and will be soon available in the United Arab Emirates. Globally, Champix has been higly effective in helping smokers kick the habit.

Let's play online!

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After a long day of blogging, I usually reward myself playing online. Mostly, I have to pay online for membership and because there are only limited games in one site, I end up hopping from a game site to another.

Then I discovered bet365. This gaming site has a wide range of online betting facilities so that you no longer hop from one site to another. They have complete facilities for online casino, sportsbook betting, interactive game session, and dedicated poker playing area.

One more thing, you only need one account to avail of all bet365 services. Unlike in other gaming sites, where you have one account for a particular game only. Isn't that cool? Customers are also guaranteed of a secure environment while playing so there is really no need to go out and play casino. You can play online poker right inside you home whenever you want to.

Check out bet365 now and see all the fun you can have!!

sweet treat award

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I received this Halloween blog award from Ritchiela and Anne.

Because Halloween time is just around the corner, I am giving this award to the following dear and new blogger friends:

Darlene of My Life, My World
Garf of Recuerdo Mi Amor
Redlan of Redlan's Web of Arts
Miel of Parisukat.com
Nancy of Just The Way It Is..

Happy Halloween in advance and i hope you will have time to visit Ritchiela and Anne's blog. Just click on their name above. Shukran! (means 'thank you' in Arabic)


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A friend of ours recently received his driving license. He thought it would be a good opportunity to start a car pool business because it is quiet lucrative here in the UAE. So he applied for a car loan through several banks. Much to his disappointment, his application were all denied by the banks because of two loans he is still currently paying - a housing loan and a loan he got when his wife gave birth through c-section.

I thought it was quiet unfair for our friend not to be given a chance to have his own car to start a business. An additional income for him will help him greatly to pay his previous loans. That is why i am glad to discover a website called BadCreditOffers.com.

The website is targeting consumers with previously bad credit history. BadCreditOffers.com help these consumers get back on their feet financially by offering them the best and economical "bad credit offers" in the market that readily approves loan application of people with less-than-perfect credit history. Yes, you can avail of car loan, auto loan, housing loan, and credit card regardless of your credit history.

BadCreditOffers.com also aims to empower consumers with the ability to learn from their credit history. Through their credit counseling and credit report, a consumer can discuss his or her own credit outlook with an expert.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Drug Rehab Referral Service

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I previously finished some reviews on drug rehab centers and like any other service available, there are many of them competing on the market all claiming to be the the most efficient, effective, and affordable. This makes choosing the right treatment center for your loved one quiet difficult. And it should not be that way. Seeing a family member consumed with drug addiction and substance abuse is already too much to bear. At least you should not be burdened with numerous rehab choices. That is why I am glad to inform you about a helpful website specializing on drug referral service called 1-800-NODRUGS.com.

The 1-800-NODRUGS.com Drug Rehab Refferal Service is a free, non-profit portal that can greatly help you find the appropriate short-term or long-term drug rehabilitation program best suited for you or your loved ones' need. Through their international network treatment rehab centers, they will help you find the best treatment and intervention for drug addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, dual diagnosis, and chronic relapse victims. You can call 1800NODrugs (800-663-7847) 24 hours, 7 days a week and talk to their knowledgeable drug counselors all for free.

To end you and your family's suffering, get the best addiction treatment help right now and call 1-800-NO-DRUGS. Your drug free family dream is just a phone call away!!

A-Z of Alternative Healing

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A beautiful Monday everyone! I have three opps to do today but i thought i should continue first with my clippings on Alternative Health. Many of myblogger friends found the first entry interesting so here we go again.

B is for Bach Flower Remedies
London-based Edward Bach believed that the essences o wild flowers could counteract negative emotoions, thereby allowing the body to work towards healing itself. The remedies he created, however, are promarily used to treat emotional conditions, such as depression, anxiety and stress. Find out more: www.bachcentre.com

C is for Chiropractic
Taken from the Greek word "cheira praktikos" menaing done by hand, chiropractors manipulate the spine focusing on the joints, to ease paina nd improve mobility. Chiropractic was developed in Canada in 1895 and is now used to treat back problems all over the world. Find out more: www.chiropractic.org

and Colonic Hydrotherapy
Not one for the squeamish, colonic hydrotherapy - also known as colonic irrigation - involves pumping water into the colon via a tube. The aim is to rinse away accumulated toxins making you feel lighter and healthier. Some people swear by it, while other claim it can permanently damage the colon. Find out more: www.colonhealth.net

And that is all for today. Do come by again when you have the chance!!

addiction treatment at DrugRehab.net

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Busy lives, depression, or simply an influence of a friend lure people into drugs or prohibited medicines. That is why drug addiction is rampant in almost every corner of the world destroying lives of thousands of teenagers and adults. If you are losing a loved one due to drug addiction, I am glad to inform you about the oldest and most established drug addiction treatment center in the United States called the California Norconon Drug Rehab Center.

The Norconon drug rehab program is the most successful and effective rehabilitation program available today. Its success is attributed to what they call the Sauna Program. It is believed that street, prescription, alcohol and other forms of drugs stay in the body for a long time. These residues prompts the person to continuously crave the prohibited drugs and consequently lead to addiction and/or depression. Thus, they created a regimen of medically supervised exercise, sweating in a dry sauna, and nutritional supplements to get rid of the residues. Once the body is free of the residues, the person can no longer experience the adverse effects of the drugs they took.

Clients of the Norconon Drug Rehab program are called "students" instead of "patients." They stay here in the 30 acre drug free rehab campus that is comfortable and casual.

The program usually lasts from 3-6 months, allowing the students to move at their own time and space. This proved to be much more effective rather than the 28-day magic. The program cost is also competitive and they offer financing options to make things easier for their students.

Save you loved ones right away and restore them to their former healthy, happy, and successful state. Visit DrugRehab.net right now.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

weekend snapshot #4

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Among our favorite things to do on weekends is to visit some theme parks. Yesterday, Hubby and i with some of our friends drove to Mushrif Park. This is the largest park here in Dubai around 15 km away from the city. The most popular part of Mushrif is called the World Village. Here you can see some miniature model houses representing Arabic and foreign architectural sytles. Let me show you some:

traditional Thailand House

traditional Netherlands House

traditional Arabic House

traditional English House

traditional Burma House

There you go now, hope you enjoyed my entry. Thank you for visiting and till next weekend!!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A-Z of Alternative Healing

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During one of our feature writing class back in college, we had a lecture on holistic healing and homeopathy. My husband too is among the people who believes in natural healing process and would rather change his diet than take medicine or food supplement.These tickled my interest in the alternative therapies. Join me as I share with you from time to time, some clippings and websites defining some of the more popular alternatives of healing.

A is for Acupuncture
This ancient Chinese therapy uses fine needles to treat th body holistically. The needles break the skin in some areas where a specific energy channels are believed to flow and are thought to restore the harmony of the qi (energy). Acupuncture is used to treat many illnesses and complaints, from persistent hiccups to arthritis and hyperthermia. Find out more: www.acupuncture.com

and Aromatherapy
Taking essential oils from plants, diluting them and using them in massage, baths or inhalation is a practice known as aromatherapy. Essential oils are often used in the treatment of stress and can also be effective in treating burns and other skin problems. Find out more: www.aromaweb.com

and Ayuverdic Medicine
Thought to be the oldest formal medical system in the world, this Indian practice divides patients into different personality types and treats them accordingly. Medicines are herb - andmineral-based and they are used alongside meditation, diet changes and yoga to heal the body holistically. Find out more: www.holheal.com

We'll have more on my next entry so do come back. Have a great weekend everyone and hope you get to spend it with your loved ones.

Friday, October 12, 2007


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The holy month of Ramadan is finally over and it is a joyous celebration again here in the UAE. This beautiful greeting card goes to all the Emiratis and to our Muslim brothers all over the world.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

cash advance site

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Do you need an emergency cash? Then read further on how to avail of the money right now while you are online.

I found this website called CashAdvance1500.com that offers internet payday loans. You can have cash advance with amount ranging from $100-$1500 with absolutely NO credit checks required. For as long as you are employed, you qualify for the loan approval criteria which is based on employment status, minimum income, and an active checking or savings account. Yes, all that easy and fast. It is among the advantages of internet loan. The pay day loan process can be done securely and anonymously from your home. Once approved, the loan is sent overnight via wire into your checking or saving account.

Cashadvance1500.com pooled several of the more economical cash advance marketing sites on the web. Among these are Womens Payday Advance which caters to every woman's quick money needs may it be for shopping, or bills. There is one called Silent Cash Loan Cash Advance that ensures total confidentiality so that on you knows what you are receiving. Then there is an Urgent Cash Relief Pay Day Advance which readily assists you if you need money for car problems, medical emergencies, or past due bills.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the banner now and remedy your immediate cash needs. When used responsibly, payday loans can be of huge help to solve your short term cash needs.

I am JFK

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I received this taggie from Ritchelle...

Haha. I have always been a big fan of John F. Kennedy....maybe because he is the only Catholic US President. But i wonder too if those rumors about him and Marilyn Monroe are true hihihi.

Thank you Ritchelle for the tag. Keep them coming because i always enjoy doing them.

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