Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yellow Moments!!

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My Andreas in his yellow moments! The color also happens to be the first name of color he can pronounce.

Taken early this year during a family breakfast at McDonalds in Bur Dubai.

Goofing around while Daddy  is busy doing handyman stuff around the house in New Year.

At Toby's Play Area in Burjuman Mall.

At the Stargate Softplay Area in Zabeel Park

And of course his all time favorite - sweet corn on the cob.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Textile Exhibition by Ajman University Students

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Our shoe-shopping trip over the weekend for Andreas brought us back to Dubai Mall.The grand atrium greeted us with students' Art Exhibition from Ajman University. I share with you today photos from Zone 1 called Textile Exhibition. There were about 50 designs on display. Here are my top picks.

I like anything vintage and elegant so this was my favorite. Actually i had been playing an idea long ago that when we get to design our dining set, i want the family initials etched or embroidered or carved (whichever works) on the headrest of the dining chairs.

Again, the old soul in me reaches out to something you will see in old English houses =).

I would really love a stool like this on my dresser hihi.

And lastly, I chose this because I am a big fan of wood works and country-style homes.

The exhibition runs from April 7 to April 16. If you will be lucky like me, you get to meet the artists as well. As i went back to my favorite design to take more photos in different angles, two students approached me and and one said that the chair was her design. Obviously, I was delighted!!

Rosa Parviz Moulaei informed me that the calligraphy is Persian which means Pray for Peace. The Iranian worked on her piece for three days.

I really feel bad but I lost this student's name. She is a third year at the AUST. Her project called, The Victory in leather and dark wood makes for a regal living room decor.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Krispy Kreme, Anyone?

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Calling all ye'donut lovers!

We chanced upon the fantastic Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Promo at Dubai Mall. For 20 AED, you get six doughnuts - three original glazed, and three special donuts of your choice. Ain't that a sweet deal? Hurry now to your nearest KK branch!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Could This Be The Answer?

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Is SocialSpark the answer to my fervent prayer? It's been four years since I earned my own money. Coming to Dubai newly married and gearing up for our first born, Hubby and I decided that it will be cheaper if I stay at home and take care of Andreas. It entailed a lot of sacrifice but our family managed to survive within hubby's salary. 

Now that Andreas started nursery last week, the monthly school fee slashed a huge chunk from our budget. I started looking around for potential buy & sell business and even a part-time job in the morning while my two-year old is attending the nursery. That explains the reason why I missed posting my other favorite memes.

This afternoon, while my kiddo is taking a nap and with no lead yet on how to earn extra for the family income, I decided to Google Pay Per Post. I remember, while pregnant with Andreas two years ago, my blogger friends at Bravenet (where I started my first blog) urged me to join PPP as it enormously helps SAHMs like me earn some dollars. But being a first time Mommy, I was more concerned preparing for my delivery date. We had no extra help from any other people. It was up to me and Hubby to plan, read, and research everything about the baby's arrival. Well, our preparations did pay off because after four hours of labor, they declared I should give birth via Ceasarian section. It would mean longer recuperation on my part with Hubby to take care of everything else. But since we did our homework, Andreas' newborn days went on very smoothly. Recalling those days, it was the proudest moment of our marriage life.

Anyways, back to my afternoon Goggling, I learned that PPP is now more popularly known as IZEA . And that they created a new platform called SocialSpark - a site where bloggers and advertisers can meet up and trade services. Advertisers pay or sponsor posts and opinions of bloggers to review their products and services. I found the idea really exciting! I love writing. I enjoy doing reviews of any product that I recently bought. I especially like to rave about excellent service I experience. I believe that as a consumer and as a blogger, I have the right to assess, compliment, and recommend products and services to my valued online visitors. After all, that is the main reason why we publish our writings online. To inform.

Needless to say, I immediately signed up for SocialSpark. I was amazed at the prompt processing of my blog submission. For a first-timer like me on such platfrom, I was quiet nervous on clicking anything but I easily found my way around the registration and here I am doing my first post for them.

I can hardly wait for the first product review!

Visit my sponsor: I Signed Up for SocialSpark!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Andreas' 3rd Shoe Collections (and We are Giving Them Away!)

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The theme is very timely as i started putting away Andreas' shoes he used from 20 months. He is now size 25 and alas the remaining shoes here are two sizes bigger so we are going shoe shopping over the weekend.

For the first (i.e. christening shoes) and second shoe collections, you may visit my post here and here.

We are giving away all the shoes you will find below. They fit toddlers from 18 months to 27 months. If you have a relative here in Dubai who can send these to you  to the Philippines, leave your comments so I can hand these.

An authentic Piston Cup merchandise. If your lil' one is a big fan of Lightning McQueen, he will sure love this pair. The wheels and McQueen detail all light up. Size 7.

Peche D' Amour loafers are size 24. This remains my favorite. If your son has narrow feet, you can have them.

Both of these were bought from New Look. They are both size 24.

Size 7. Andreas wore this on his second birthday...Oooh sorry about the powder dust. Don't let that put you off. The Cherokee pair are absolutely adorable. In fact, this is Andreas' second shoes from the same brand. The first one was of light brown suede he wore during his first birthday.

This one is from Marks & Spencer. Size 24/7. The red detailing all light up.

Size 6. Authentic Dunlop Merchandise.

And lastly, some of Andreas' hunky shoe moments lolz!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

3rd Dubai Int'l Dragon Boat Festival

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We had another thrilling family day out last Friday as we watched for the first time, the Dragon Boat Festival at DFC Marina. Enthusiasts of the sports competed for two days, following the success of two previous years. There were also plenty of off-shore activities such as bouncy castles and arts & crafts for kids to ensure all families and friends enjoy a day at the Festival Marina.

Here are some of my snapshots.

Dragon Boating is a thrilling water sport full of adrenaline, sportsmanship, strategy and technique.

It is also a sport that is about positive team spirit, being healthy, making friends and having fun.

Companies were encouraged to enter their corporate teams for this year's festival early, due to the enormous popularity of this growing sport.

After watching half-day of the race, we went on to visit the Art Car Festival which i will be sharing next week. Thankies for the visit!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Collage of Growing Up!

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I am doing a routine clean up of photos from the laptop and transferring some to the external disc. browsing through these photos, my heart was tugged seeing how Andreas then was such a baby.

The title of this post is inspired by Mommy Moments theme for the week. I can't call them achievements but they are changes and signs of my darling growing up. Photos which a Mommy like me holds dear to her heart.

He is no longer using the baby tub, instead he is enjoying the full bath tub filled with water and screams in delight with his rubber duckies, sharks, dolphins,  and porpoise floating.
Sleeping in his Graco Bassinet to the Graco stroller. Now we bought him an umbrella type carriage that is lighter and easier to maneuver. With his weight, using the Graco stroller was like pushing twin toddlers.

From his sippy cup to a wine glass. Of course he did break one hihi. He see us sipping red wine from time to time and he insists on drinking the same liquid color on the same glass.. So we buy him grape or berry juice and we all have a night cap =)

That was his first swing ride. And then there came a time when he was scared of riding just about anything. These says he loves, loves the swing that he would even attempt to stand on it!
His rear-facing Graco car seat to a Ferrari Booster seat.

From a wooden pony ride to the real thing. He even rode an all grown up horse but i still have to download the photo from the Cybershot.

And finally, riding his to truck to riding a real F1 car of Renault. He was lucky to be the only kid chosen to try it during the 2009 Renault Road Show

Hope you all have a blessed Holy Week!

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