Friday, January 4, 2013

Importance Of Having Your Own Business Cards

Posted by Kero at Friday, January 04, 2013
The digital world has yet to intervene with the 'sacred' world of business card. Sure we can sms or bluetooth our contact number. But as I have tagged along with Hubby on numerous business lunch meetings, nobody brings out their phones to align them and exchange names and contacts. It always ends up with both parties exchanging small cards bearing their name and brand.

And later on, if not in a few days time, Hubby gets a call from a new client or Hubby calls the card to inquier about construction supplies. The small card do wonders, is so very convenient and utterly important that I have made sure my man does not ran out by ordering prints from We have been their client for the last six years and always satisfied with their professional looking business cards.

Today I share with you some reasons why you should always keep a card in your person.

1. Your business card is the link to make money. Whether to get your name for referral, or  across a potential customer, client, resource, supplier, and even a future employer.

2. To make the most of the situation, save money, or for added value services. So many times now, we have been approached by male and female salons, travel agents, and restaurants offering free services and dinner in exchange for Hubby or mine's business card. Once we even won an intercontinental brunch at a swanky hotel simply because we dropped our business cards.

3. Simply for social reasons. I have friends who met their partners because they had the courage to call and ask them out after exchanging business cards in one corporate meeting. If you are single or bachelor, this is one way to meet new friends or widen your social circles.

Now the question, what do you put in your business card? At all cost, avoid too many information. At a glance your business card should have your name, contact information,  web address or twitter account, and position or nature of business.

Now that you know its benefits, use this knowledge to create business cards that will be noticed, kept, and used for years to come.

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