Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Looking For Web Hosting Service

Posted by Kero at Tuesday, September 21, 2010
I never had any formal computer classes. Everything you see on my blog - which also happens to be my social life - is self-taught. I experiment, tweak, and research online. Now after four years of blogging, I am contemplating on turning this page into a full website. Our family's own  nook in the world wide web where we document and share videos of our travels, adventures and misadventures as an expatriate family. I want those www on the url and publish on my own domain lol!

Moreover, we are thinking of selling some pre-loved items of the family. I got the idea when a family friend suggested why not make a little money instead of just giving them away. And I think it is a brilliant idea in these trying times. Any additional income for the family will be much appreciated. So I plan to include a page on the site where we can post photos of those items. No, I won't be needing yet those online carts. It will be cash on delivery around Dubai. Hubby says that it is also a good idea to let the customers bid for the price. Hmnnn I think that has more thrill! I got plenty of Children's Palace clothing. The brand is not yet available in Dubai so this should be fun. Plus, Bath & Body Works products (also not available in Dubai yet) that make my girlfriends drool yehey!

I am planning to launch the website before December in time when Mommies and girlfriends  try to complete their Christmas shopping list. For a couple of weeks now, I had been researching on affordable and reliable web site hosting service. Fortunately I came across a very informative site where they review and rate web hosts services. The site's experienced webmasters had been doing this since 2002. Right now when you visit WebHostingRating.com, they compiled 10 Cheap Web Hosts of 2010. Wow, they made my online research way lot easier! I am currently going over their extensive web hosting directory.

Further more, they have a page entirely dedicated to Hosting Guide where you can learn tips on how to choose a good good domain name, how to acquire continuous traffic and other queries an amateur like me would like to learn regarding web development. Tonight after supper, Hubby and I will check out if the domain we have in mind is still available. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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