Sunday, May 31, 2009

vamp weekend

Posted by Kero at Sunday, May 31, 2009

So i got to read Twilight and New Moon. I know it is very late after all the frenzy but i didn't have the money to spare haha. Hubby smiled on my purchase when we left Magrudy's. He gave me one of those she-is-such-a-child look.

Honestly, i don't think it was even well written. First five pages, i wanted to put the book down. It was like one of those Sweet Valley High books. I like Harry Potter books far far better. There is no stopping once you flip on page one.

But i wanted to know how different it is from the movie. Half way through Twilight, i was smiling like a dork. So this is it. I may never be a fan of Meyer's way of writing but her plot was addicting. Kilig-kilig to death talaga. Hubby doze off ahead and i remained reading by the bedside lamp. I shoered him little kisses everytime i need to stretch or resy my eyes. Because i was soo engrossed, i never noticed hubby peering through the blankets.

Come morning, "Hmmnn. Nice book huh?! everytime i look at you last night, you were cracking up a smile."

I was smiling because the book reminded soo much of those days i have butterflies on my stomach when he passed by. Thus the kisses. I was in-love with hubby allover again!hihi.

New Moon is about Bella coping up with the break-up. Any body who experienced the hollow feeling when you lost in the game of love, Bella is the perfect heroine here.

Now i got to save-up for the Eclipse.

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