Wednesday, May 6, 2009

eight tag

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, May 06, 2009
I received this taggie from dear blogger friend, Joanne. This is my first in two months so thank you so much for remembering.

8 Things I'm Looking Forwa
rd To
1. My lasagna bake tomorrow
2. A cooking technique book
3. Andreas' routine check up on June
4. Deposit monthly savings
5. A local vacation for hubby
6. Making and meeting new friends
7. Weekend get-away in a place similar to Al Maha Desert
8. Entertain friends in our new place

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Baked apple and cinnamon cak
2. Vacuumed the whole house
3. Cleaned the oven
4. Update my baby bloggie
5. Googled for a cheesecake recipe
6. Watched how to fold eggwhites video (yay!)
7. Took Andre for a long wal
8. Cuddled with hubby

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Visit Petra Jordan
2. Travel to Greece, London, or Rome
3. Have money-making opportunities while staying with Andre
4. Hug my brother and my sister right now
5. Take back some of my words
6. Be as patient as hubby
7. Read the Twilight saga or any new book
8. A brunch at Burj Al Arab

8 Movies I recentl
y watched
1. No Country For Old Men
2. Transporter 3
3. Knight Rider 2008
4. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
5. The Weddding Daze
6. The B
7. Twilight
8. Iron Man

Whew, that was harder than i thought. Feel free to snag ladies!

3 sweets for Kero:

Kayni on May 7, 2009 at 12:05 AM said...

i think i can do this. i'll

Joanne MV on May 7, 2009 at 3:57 AM said...

Thanks for doing the tag :)

a boy's mom on May 16, 2009 at 4:11 PM said...

kero, i'm amazed at how much you can do around the house considering you have a toddler! care to share your secret? hehe....


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