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crisp roasted duck

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Thank you to Caryn, Sheng and the rest who tried and enjoyed my recipes. Today i am sharing something yummy for weekend nights - our crispy duck recipe. Hubby enjoys it immensely. Duck is always on our ordered menu when we eat out on Chinese restaurants. But because they are always bloody expensive (the leg costs 28 AED), we tried roasting on our own and boy, it came out perfectly.

Crisp Roasted Duck
Serves 6

1 whole Peking duck (about 2000 g)
2 medium onions halved
2 lemon sliced
fish sauce

1. Thaw duck overnight on the fridge. Wash thoroughly under running cold water. Leave to drip about an hour.

2. When almost dry, rinse duck again on hot water to tighten the skin. Pat dry with paper towel. Prick the skin all over with fork or pointed knife. This will help bring out the fat easier. Generously rub with fish sauce all over including the cavity. Tuck in lemon and onion. Give a good grinding of pepper all over.

3. Place in a roasting tin with breast side down. Put in the oven and roast at 210 degrees for one hour. Rotate the duck the duck and put back in the oven. Lower the temperature to 190. Roast for 60 minutes more.

4. For dipping sauce, pour Thai chili garlic sauce in small bowl. Add a dash of soy sauce.

Happy Cooking!

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