Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Andreas Update

Posted by Kero at Tuesday, May 26, 2009
I failed to post Andreas' 15-month developments kaya habol ako to post before he turns 18 months on June 26. He is a very busy boy these days and constantly blabbing. I have lost counts on how many times he had fallen off the bed, or how many bruises has his little forehead received.

At 17 months, here are his activities.

Andreas enjoying the play space at IKEA

1. He loves carrot cake. I tried three diffrent recipes with diffrent taste and texture but he devoured them all. He will have a bite of my mudcake or berry muffins but he'll never ask for more.

2. His assigned task is to switch on/off the lights. And the AC when we go out/arrive.

3. He likes to share and feed Dada and Mommy with his biscuits.

4. He still enjoys reading. I read aloud his nursery rhymes books complte with counting and he will give his attention for full 30 minutes.

5. He immitates his videos. He rolls forward, clap his hands in delight, and tries to dance with his arms shaking and his half body swaying. He cannot get his feet move hihi.

6. Toothbrush time takes 30 minutes. He likes to doitalone and chew the bristles. At times he would even offer to brush your teeth.

7. Whe Mommy is busy doing other house chores, and wants her attention, he brings a favorite toy to share with her. And you must follow him to the sofa for awhile and cuddle --least he will start to whine.

8. He likes to be at the middle. Always between Dada and Mom whether to watch on the sofa or to read.

9. He will only sleep when there are three of you on the bed.

10. He loves any water feature, enjoys the sand box, and likes to play with Mommy's baking utensils.

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