Wednesday, June 10, 2009

beyond books and cars

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Ooh, i am blogging late today. We are off to Dubai Festival City tonight for hubby's club meeting so i had to cook supper early. I also tried baking a good 'ol southern cake, the Red Velvet. I think that i shall never fall for country music, which hubby is a big fan of, so i am making it up to him by serving food with a touch of country. Boy i might even want to learn how to make country bread haha. That is marriage. You learn to compromise.

Anyway, i didn't have half of what the recipe was asking. I had to do with substitutes for the ingredients but still i think the cake turned out pretty well. For the most part, it's not sweet so that is a big hooray for hubby. I still need to improve it though, so when i got everything okay, i shall be posting the recipe.

Andreas is about to wake up anytime and my furious hands on the keyboard will not make him asleep any longer. But before i go, i just want to share that finally, finally, other than reading board books, steering wheels, and car tyres, Andreas turned his attention to his stacking rings. For a couple of days now, he's been playing and playing with it even showing off whenever Dada arrives from work.

Have a look at these pics.

We bought these stacking rings when he was six months old

At 18 months, it's his current favorite toy.

I give credit to hubby for patiently showing Andreas how to stack up the rings. Thank you, darling. You are always a wonderful father. Mwaah!

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