Wednesday, September 26, 2007

thy hair and forehead

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Happy Wednesday everyone! I've been making another blogsite that is why i have been quiet for the past two days. My new site is called Reign Rosell and it's all about me as a friend, lover, mother, sister, and grand daughter. It also includes a collection of my interests such as recipes, books, beautiful mails, articles on health, and photos i captured. I am still updating my links there so drop me sweet if you want to be linked on my new blog. Thank you very much.

We go now to the third part of our face reading --the hair and forehead.

Obviously, the healthier you are, the shinier and more lustrous and thick your hair will be. But beyond that, your hair indicates your stamina and emotional hardwiring.

You're emotionally tough and don't wear your heart on your sleeve. You keep your head high even when your heart is breaking.

You are a very resilient person who can push yourself to work for long hours or party hard and bounce back the next day. You don't let much get you down.

You are a very sensual person who enjoys affection and flirtation and is very imaginative. You know how to relax but have the energy to party all night when the mood takes you.

Fine or brittle
You are emotionally fragile and if you feel upset it causes physical symptoms like stomach upset or headache. If people around you are stressed, you find it hard not to feel stressed too. You often feel tired and wrung out.

Widow's peak
You may go through some turbulent times in your family or love life but though your life will be full of big highs and big lows, you always manage to pull through.

You are sometimes impatient and impulsive - but you certainly live every moment to the fullest and live on your own terms.

An indicator of intelligence, the shape of your forehead can also indicate your self-discipline.

You are clever, practical and if you take tsk you like to do it well. You have high ideals and standards and prefer quality to quantity.

You are artistic and have a good memory but sometimes go at things like a bull at a gate, which means you rub people up the wrong way or alienate you boyfriend by nagging.

You are creative and love daydreaming and making big plans but are not always disciplined enough to follow through to ensure your ideas come to fruition.

You like facts and figures and have a very high temper - you are a good communicator and know how to diffuse conflict.

Hmmnn, hubby has a wide forehead and i do agree on the description, yay! Well that is all for today. I have to go back to my new site because i chose a three-column template and it is much harder to lay out!hihi

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