Thursday, September 20, 2007

baby Maktoum

Posted by Kero at Thursday, September 20, 2007
Now on my six months, everybody's been asking what shall we call our baby boy. When i first found out that i was pregnant, i wanted to give the child an Arabic name. But hubby and i feared the disadvantages of having an Arab name for the baby's future so we had to let go the idea.

As my pregnancy progressed, i decided it will be hubby's assignment to think of the baby's name. After all, he will be the baby's greatest influence so let it start the day he will be born. Besides, i will probably be too drowsy from the epidural so it will be Ceasar whom the nurses will be asking the information on what to write on the birth certificate.

However, these days, hubby cannot seem to decide what to call the baby. Every time i ask him, it is either from the latest movie we watched (yes, he even considered calling the baby Atilla) or from the book we are currently reading hahaha. Now i seem to give up asking him. I trust he will be able to decide when the time comes.

The funny thing is, i dreamed that we are calling our newborn Baby Maktoum -- after the Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. Wow, i think Sheikh Maktoum is a really great model for young people but to call my son Maktoum here in Dubai, i'm afraid other people will find it funny. I mean, it is soo obvious.

Hubby and I are a great fan of the Sheikh. We have the utmost admiration for his leadership and visions. I think it is an honor to be named after a great ruler. Maybe if we are going home to raise the child in the Philippines, i shall definitely call him Maktoum. And people will be curious about the unique name and will start asking all about it. It will always be a great conversation to talk about a great Sheikh and a great city. But for now, our life here is in Dubai. The baby will be born and spend his early years here. I cannot scream Maktoum(!!!) in the shopping malls or in the supermarket in case he becomes unruly and inherits my stubborness. It won'tt be long before the Dubai Police send us packing home to the Philippines hihi.

But to nickname our newborn Baby Maktoum, i think it will be fun -- just between hubby and i and our closest friends. After all, two of our baby's future godmothers have a huge crush with Hamdan, (Sheikh Maktoum's son and rumored to be the next ruler of Dubai). They can turn their affection to the baby hehe.

When the baby gets to read this, I know he will be smiling.

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