Wednesday, September 19, 2007

cheeks, ears, and careers

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, September 19, 2007
My dear readers, i shall continue today the face reading we started earlier this week. We will take a closer look at our cheeks and followed by the ears.

Your cheekbones can indicate whether you're a leader or a follower in life.

You are a born leader. You have lots of drive and ambition and want to make you mark in the world. You take risks in work and your finances, but often they pay off.

You have the capacity to be very successful in your career, but only through sheer hard work and dedication. You sometimes hold back a little for fear of making a mistake when you should just take the initiative, be less cautious and reap the benefits.

You are happy for others to take positions in the limelight while you work behind the scenes. You are liable and dedicated, but sometimes need to push yourself forward a bit more so that you get noticed and rewarded for your efforts.

You sometimes are a little tactless and are not the most reliable colleague at work. But you are a good people person and well liked so what you lack in motivation you make up for by being a great co-worker.

Are you a creature of habit or someone who challenges the system. Your ears reveal all.

You're wise beyond your years so people often look to you for advice.

You don't like conforming, and like to push the envelope a little by acting in an unexpected ways or shaking up your life by big changes such as a new job or trip overseas. Yeah, i sometimes wish i can pull back my ears.

Red Ears
You're easily excited but can also get a little flustered and tend to worry about things that are really not that important.

You're very pragmatic and like routine to your life - you don't like surprised.

If the veins on your ears are very obvious, you have a tendency to be sensitive emotionally and sometimes find it hard to trust in love.

And that is all for today. If you are interested to check out what your moles tell about you, i shared it to my other blogger friends on Kero's Journal. Till next entry!!

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