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jargon buster

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Are you are planning to but a new digital cam or a new television? or simply want to change the model of your phone? Please take a quick glance on these technical terms. These will immensely help in knowing what you are getting before parting with your cash. Hubby and i came across these terms during the GITEX Shopper Show and Electronics Expo two days ago. It is one of the most awaited event here in Dubai.

It works like a short range wireless radio technology, ranging from 30 ft to 100 ft. It allows electronic devices within the vicinity to connect to another. It has been made to a universal standard, so that globally, any laptop, mobile phone, or any number of devices will wirelessly connect.

This is the next generation of optical disk format and has been developed in order to record, rewrite and playback high definition videos. It uses a short-wave blue laser, hence the name and offers five times the storage capacity of traditional DVDs, holding up to 25GB, that's roughly 12 hours, worth of material.

This is not really a zoom in a technical sense. How it works is that it crops a portion of your image and enlarges back to the original size, therefore reducing the quality of your finally picture. When buying your camera, you should opt for one that either doesn't have a digital zoom or one that gives you the option to turn it off as a function.

If you are the type who's easily bowled over by impact, then converting to 'high definition' television is for you. With the ability to to display 10 times as many pixels as the old analogue television, high definition is becoming synonymous with cinema-style quality. Movies can be watched in their wide screen format, the quality of detail and depth of image is excellent and because it uses more colors, images are rich and vibrant. Sound is also of theater quality, and all HDTV programs have Dolby Digital surround sound.

A liquid crystal display makes a flat screen TV possible, working on the basis that liquid crystal acts like shutters, allowing the light to pass through it or block it. It is the most expensive choice of television, but is unrivaled in its four inch thick screen. LCDs are lightweight have excellent sharpness, reproduce crisp images and create true colors.

Even though digital cameras have been on the market for awhile now, some people still get confused by megapixels and how many they should have. It's simple, one megapixel amounts to one million pixels and indicates the resolution capability of a digital camera. The more pixels, the clearer the resolution is, and the better the representation of your image.

This is a compression technology that produces high quality audio files by removing certain parts of the sound that are unrecognizable to the human ear. To creat an MP3 file, you will need a ripper, a device which copies music from a CD to your hard drive and an encoder to convert the file to MP3 format.

Stands for Personal Digital Assistant, one of these little devices does exactly what it says on the tin. A handheld device that functions as a mobile phone, fax sender, web browser,a nd personal organiser. it is designed to work along with your PC and synchronise any work tasks you have. PDAs use a pen-based stylus, which either taps the letters on the on-screen keyboard or some even come with natural hand writing recognition.

The basic principle of plasma is to illuminate tiny colored flourescent lights to create an image. To do this, each pixel is made up of three chemical compunds known as phospors, a red, a blue, and a green. These phospors then create light, and eventually an image when they are struck by beams of electrons.

You know when you're in cinema and you start to feel that deep rumbling sound pulse through your body? Well, that sound is made by a subwoofer. Another device to bring cinematic theater experience to your living room, a subwoofer is a speaker which is specially designed to pick up low bass frequencies that other speakers can't.

And that's all folks. I hope you learned a thing or two. Now you can be more specific to hubby what you want for Christmas. Ho Ho Ho!!!

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