Friday, September 21, 2007

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Posted by Kero at Friday, September 21, 2007
Friday Five

1. When were you the coldest you've ever been?
February this year when we went on a desert safari in Hatta, Oman. It was an overnight event and we camped in the middle of the desert. I could hardly sleep! My back was aching from the cold and i was trembling all over i could not speak.

2. When were you the hottest you've ever been?
The summer month of July here in Dubai. The temperature soared to 47.4 degrees celsius. The tap water can cook a hard boiled egg!!

3. When were you the tiredest you've ever been?
Hubby and i trekked to the peak of Mount Makiling in Los Banos, Laguna (Philippines) then morning, we drove to another region in Donsol, Sorsogon for a whale shark interaction. It was not a deep dive because the whale shark were actually used to have people touching them but my whole body were so sore i could harldy walk!! It was my first mountain climbing experience and it was not planned. We just thought we would make the most of our time in Laguna and climb the enchanted (according to the locals) mountain. From the peak to the underwater, it was crazy!

4. When were you the most stressed you've ever been?
The first three months of my pregnancy. This is our first born and nothing prepared me for the nausea, vomiting, constant tiredness, and irritability hihi. But then who does prepare for such things?

5. When were you the dirtiest you've ever been?
December last year when i went to a diving trip with hubby in Dibba, Sultanate of Oman. Again, it was an overnight event and there was no water anywhere near the dive site. Hubby and i did not rinsed off the saltwater that we were all hot and sticky on our way home from another country!!

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