Sunday, September 23, 2007

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Posted by Kero at Sunday, September 23, 2007
Some of my friends (both personal and online bloggers) have asked about the Burj Al Arab, the Palm, and the Burj Dubai if they are indeed real projects or just a concept. Yes, they are very much real projects like i have posted in my Kero's Journal.

And if these projects have amazed you, wait till you hear these three concepts that will blow your imagination. It's one of the best things living in the Emirate. You wake up everyday to a new nature defying project hehe.

The Apeiron Island Hotel (concept/Dubai)
The seven-star hotel stands 185 meters high and boasts over 350 luxury apartments suites with its own private lagoon, beaches, restaurants, cinemas, retail shopping, art gallery, spas, and conference facility for you to. The $500million hotel will be accessible by water (yacht) and air (helicopter) only. 'Apeiron' hotel gets its name from Anaximander’s 6th century BC cosmological theory.

The Hydropolis Undersea Resort (concept/Dubai)
Dreams, however fabulous, this project remains unfulfilled since its launch four years ago. Without the cash to support this $500 million, 10 star underwater hotel, Dubai can lose the title 'first' to China. The hotel has been designed with this base that 60% of our surroundings is water. The 1.1-million-square-foot of area offers you a shopping mall, ballroom, island villas, restaurant, high-tech cinema, a missile-defense system for your security 60-feet underwater and 220 theme suites. The petal-like retracting roof is designed to organize open-sky events. Hydropolis is about to take shape 20m below the surface of the Arabian Gulf, just off the Jumeirah Beach. The land belongs to His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai,

The Diamond Ring Hotel (concept/Abu Dhabi)

Little is known The Diamond Ring hotel is to be located in Abu Dhabi. Little is known about this conceptual project, but if the picture are something to go by, then this hotel rocks!

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