Saturday, July 31, 2010

Password Recovery

Posted by Kero at Saturday, July 31, 2010
Early this year, I found that my Yahoo account was sending spam messages to all my e-mail contacts. Hubby said that I must be using the same password when using my account for Facebook, Friendster, Blogger, and all the other social sites I joined and subscribe to. That is definitely a no, no  but I forget all other things half the time. So I figured it will be most convenient if I use only one password.

I learned my lesson so when I got my new e-mail account, Hubby bought an Advanced Office Password Recovery. I now have different password for each site I am linked to. Even on the documents and programs we lock in our desktop, Hubby and I decide to use a different password. It really is more secure and I feel more confident doing business online. 

You too can refrain from being frustrated every time you are locked out in your account. As we have experienced with a password recovery program, you do not have to reinstall the whole program saving you a huge time and stress.

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