Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tile Cutter

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Finally, we found the perfect gift for my grandfather's birthday come October!

He lives in the province and is a retired industrial arts teacher. A year ago, we sent him an electric powered drill as present. He was so delighted about it because even though of old age, he enjoys being a handy man for free around the neighborhood.

Now we are thinking of buying rubi tile cutter for him because he's in the middle of planning to renovate the kitchen and the adjacent bathroom in time for the huge family reunion  come Christmas. We thought that he will be able to save more if he has his own tools to cut and shape the ceramic tiles he ordered. 

We chose rubi because it is a leading manufacturer of ceramic tile cutter that is already well known with professional range of rubi quality standard.We are assured that what we are buying is of a high quality equipment. If you want to read some review of rubi products, visit here at

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