Sunday, July 25, 2010

Free Ipad eBooks!

Posted by Kero at Sunday, July 25, 2010
My good girlfriend J was freaking in excitement on the phone yesterday as she revealed she was now clutching her ultimate dream toy - the Apple Ipad Tablet. Last week, we went through her savings and she was so ecstatic that she can afford to buy the 32GB Ipad with Wifi + 3G. She asked me to help her save such amount by helping her remind that those Jimmy Choo shoes won't satisfy her as much as the Ipad. She would sulk everytime but hey, she's been on Dubai for like four years and it's time she buys something tangible other than Chanel.

Since I am proud of myself as well that my friend was able to achieve something with my gentle reminders, I also helped her research on where she can download applications and I came across a website called Ipad Books

New users will learn plenty from the website such as how to read ebooks on your Ipad. I learned that Ipad has no USB port so the question of many is how to get PDF on the device. The website says that the simplest way of getting PDFs onto the device is to email them to yourself and download them via the email application. Then you can read books this way.

The website also explores how the Ipad can be the perfect laptop for students. It is lightweight, extremely portable, long battery life, and the touchscreen makes it convenient in a quiet classroom. It has no webcam and a cameraless device is much more welcome by school officials. Lastly, it is slightly cheaper than some of the laptops out there.

Oh I can't wait for my friend to pop over and show her stunning new toy! Then I can share the Ipad Books website and have her take advantage of all those free downloads.

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