Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting Help

Posted by Kero at Monday, November 02, 2009
Well, we survived Dubai without a helper for three years. But now, Andreas is proving to be a handful. His Dada thinks we are taking care of two toddlers with his constant climbing and running. We are sorely deprived of rest and sleep nowadays.

So hubby decided we hire a part-time helper to clean the place. And cook once in awhile. I have to admit, there are times i feel very lazy to whip-up something from the fridge but then eating out is an expensive option. So I called Ate A for SOS. She used to be a nanny for a family friend. But they opted to go back home to Pinas but Ate A stayed here.

It is really very hard to find a trusted helper these days. That is the foremost reason why we never chose to hire one. I feel very fortunate to have Ate A with us since she has proven herself to another family we know. She comes here three times a week for two hours to clean and cook.

I think i read somewhere - blog or Facebook that they are looking for a part-time helper. If you need one, send me a message :)

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nanay said...

yes, even here in our place it is hard to get helper now a days. My daughter also is having a hard time raising her 2 kids without any helper.


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