Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Christmas Shopping List

Posted by Kero at Tuesday, November 24, 2009
I am half-way done. I even wrapped those that we already bought. For others that we still have to buy, i know exactly where to get them :)

One problem though, we do not know what to give hubby's chief engineer. Last Christmas, Mr. AA gave him chocolate and a bottle of French wine. We were really tight at that time with Andreas' first birthday so we did not give him anything. This time, we are credit-card free and still triply trying to save but we must wrap something for the boss.

We thought of wine and chocolate (gaya-gaya eh) but we know nothing beyond tequila or vodka. A bottle of fragrance, i suggested. Hubby says he is not sure if Mr. AA wears one. Then hubby said how about those chocolates with wine filling.

We visited Candylicious and inquired where to buy such chocolates. The kind Filipina said we check out Waitrose next time. She even gave us two heart-shaped Madeleine chocolates for free :). But since alcochol laden stuff are not sold publicly here, I have doubts finding it in Waitrose.

Hmmnnn..we need to think of other choices. Necktie, nah. I've never been inside MMV or African+Eastern store so maybe we will check these out soon.

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