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Posted by Kero at Wednesday, August 26, 2009
After three years, we finally had the chance to eat taho (soya milk) again. We went out for a walk round the neighborhood and ended up at Al Attar Center - a popular shopping complex for Filipinos. It is my second time to enter the building (the first was a real estate inquiry) and hubby's third (they used to buy dvds here).

Soya Milk & Hot Taho also has a branch in International City

Stepping inside the building is like coming home to streets of Manila (only this is a cleaner version). Stalls selling phones, jewelries, clothes, ukay-ukay, perfume, and anything of use to Filipinos. There were popular Pinoy food chain like Chow King, Goto King and Andoks. A lady handed us a leaflet promotion of taho and I immediately asked hubby if we could try it. Before we could ask where is the restaurant location, the lady left us.

Hubby decided we will look around since the place is not huge. As we went further inside the building, we saw a large male crowd cheering on a billiard game. Some have not gone home yet, judging from their uniform and their back packs. May pustahan sigurado and i froze thinking where i placed my wallet. Thankfully, i only had the camera strapped around my shoulders. The place was certainly very tricky.

Living in Dubai has certainly made my guards down. You can wear piles of gold and nobody will attempt to grab your neck. You can go to the supermarket at 12 midnight and nobody bothers you. You may leave your car unlocked (it happened to us several times) and it will still be waiting for you at the car park. But sadly, when you are with your own kabayan, you no longer feel safe.

I remember our neighbor complaining to our watchman two years ago that some of her potted plants are gone. The Indian watchman replied "You ask your kabayan." One of hubby's officemates was riding the public transport and a different nationality nudged her, "Your bag is open, be careful with your kabayan."

Anyways, back to Taho, it comes with big and medium cup. We opted for the big cup that costs 12AED (about 120 pesos). I found it expensive but i thought of the nutrients. Certainly it brought back feelings of home. But we will not be coming back for taho anytime soon.

2 sweets for Kero:

Den on August 27, 2009 at 2:05 PM said...

wow! Php120 para sa taho? Mahal nga Mommy Kero.

darly on August 27, 2009 at 3:28 PM said...

OMG- miss ko na rin ang taho... when i was in highschool, taho is part of our everyday breakfast meal...

you are right, as hard as it is to admit kabayans are starting to become notorious here these days, I even read in the paper before that they are now involved in the snatching incidences in Satwa. haaay.

eniways, would you believe that in my 5 years here in UAE i have never been inside Al Attar Mall?


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