Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rib Eye Steak

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, August 12, 2009
If your hubby (like mine) is a dedicated meat lover, this easy recipe is for you.

Rib Eye Steak
Serves 3

3 rib eye portion
3 tbsp garlic powder
2 tsp olive oil
freshly ground pepper

For the steak sauce
balsamic vinegar
soy sauce
Pad Thai chili garlic sauce

Here's how (please proceed upon buying your steak, do not refreeze)

1. Brush the meat thoroughly with olive oil. Coat both sides with garlic powder. Give a good grinding of pepper and marinate. Leave in the fridge overnight.

2. Heat the grill pan. Brush with a little olive oil. Grill the steak for no longer than 20 minutes.

3. Sprinkle with salt and serve immediately with fresh carrots or cucumber. Yes, only sprinkle salt at the last part because the salt tends to dry the meat when you add it while grilling. Steak should be juicy, ayt?

4. For the home made steak sauce, mix equal parts of balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, and chili garlic sauce.

Happy cooking!

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