Friday, March 14, 2008

a good Friday

Posted by Kero at Friday, March 14, 2008
Whew! I felt like we accomplished a lot today hihi.

First, we attended the baptism seminar. We were running late and even forgot Andre's mirror at the back seat but we reached St. Mary's Church just a few minutes late. The moderators of the seminar were very kind and accommodating so we all knew what to do and what to prepare between today and the christening ceremony.

As for me and hubby, we needed to get an appointment with any of the priests to have the baptism form validated. It was a requirement for us because we were married in a civil court. Thankfully, the Filipino priest, Father Zaki Parra, did not so much make a fuss about us not being married in church. (gosh, i was even prepared to lie or make up anything just so he would baptize my son hahaha) He signed our baptism application form right away. He even carried Andre and I managed to take a picture of them hehe. Take a look...

A RELIGIOUS ENCOUNTER. Fr. Zaki Parra of St. Mary's Church Dubai
and our prince Andre

I want to thank Lyn-Lyn too for finding time to attend the seminar. She even volunteered to take care of Andre's stroller while we were inside the priest's office. Thank you so much, dear. See you at the baptism!!

After clearing the church commitments, we headed to Burjuman Mall for a quick lunch. Hubby and i only had coffee for breakfast so we were both ravenous at 11 o'clock a.m.. He had fruits of the sea and i had a whooper from BK. Then we rounded the mall again to buy a gift for Ceasar's latest god child, Anthony Lance. What a nice name!

On our way home, we checked one of the recommended restaurant in the Bur Dubai area called Rose Bowl. It was nice but i found it too small to pack 40 people. Besides, parking space is too difficult in the area.

We reached home and took a nap. While Andre went on to sleep, hubby and i arranged the christening favors. The ceremony is still three weeks away, but i guess we are both excited hihi. Then we talked about our other options for the venue of the celebration and we both decided on an Iranian buffet. How ironic to celebrate a Christian tradition in a halal restaurant. That is celebration with an attitude, man!

Anyway, the lovely restaurant near us has a huge free parking space at the back. That would make it so much easier for our guests. Now that the venue and food cost has been estimated, i need to get back to my invitation and party favors. Whew, motherhood really rocks!

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