Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday musings

Posted by Kero at Friday, March 21, 2008
I usually don't log in on weekends because it is family time. But hubby is nursing hang-over and our little prince is fast asleep so i decided to make a post since i do not feel sleepy yet.

Ceasar went out last night to meet with other ex-cadets of the Philippine Military Academy. Over three bottles of brandy, the seven lonesome soul updated each other on what happened to their lives since they left PMA. As i gather from hubby's stories, one is involved in the Burj Dubai project, the other employed in a reputable British company. Their conversation went on from reminiscing to jokes to some serious stuff like how to help fellow Filipinos here in the UAE. Now they are planning to put up an organization of the Grayknights here in Dubai focusing particularly in helping their fellow cadets who are trying to make a better living here in the gulf. I think it is a great idea and i really hope everything they planned will push through.

So helping other people was our main topic this morning. Given the chance, hubby will give anything and everything to help other people, to ease up their condition. He once admitted that he wanted to be perfect in the eyes of others in terms of giving help to the needy. That he is willing to make sacrifices just to help other people, ignore his tired body just so he could respond to a call for help. And now that he is a manager, he feels more pressured to help those Filipinos seeking employment here in the UAE. Unfortunately, he cannot recommend any lower position (i.e. laborer) because his company opts for Vietnamese and Indians due to cheap labor.

As our discussion progressed to the benefits of managerial position, I asked him if we can get the room next to ours. It will be a perfect room for Andre since it has its own kitchen and bathroom. And while Andre is still very young to occupy it, we can use it to entertain friends or his Grayknights. And Ceasar was like, we can even offer it as free accommodation! For the newcomers here, they can stay for free while looking for job. And when they do find one, they move out so we can accommodate the next visit visa! What a brilliant, brilliant idea!!

Oh i am excited about it! The room costs 2,000 dirham. It is higher than the average salary of the Filipinos here but we are willing to sacrifice moving out to a better, posh place so we can help other people. Accommodation here in the UAE is most expensive and so we think this is the best way we can help. The room is still occupied by a couple. But the wife informed me before that they want to move to a bigger place in Bur Dubai. They are also just waiting for their papers to be completed because the husband's work will take them to Australia anytime. Oh i pray that by the time they move out, Ceasar would have been given his full benefits hehe.

I feel great. It's nice to know that in the future, you are certain you can help other people.

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