Monday, November 15, 2010

Light Fixture for Quick Home Improvement

Posted by Kero at Monday, November 15, 2010
Ti's the season to be jolly and for friends and relatives to drop by your house. With the fast approaching holidays, how do you improve your house without blowing the budget? We read plenty of articles on how to improve your home's interior but I think that your house exterior is just as important. Before you drive to the nearest light fixture showroom, let me share with you first the  three types common exterior light fixtures.

1) Flood Lighting
If you want to light up a large portion of your lawn, yard, or swimming pool with a single light, this is very useful. Both effective and inexpensive, they mostly come in fluorescent lights so that you can save energy while you light the exterior of your home.

2) Post Lighting
This is a light on pole with many designs and varied colors. A light near walkways,  in the center of a yard, or at the end of driveways is very useful.

3)Motion Lighting
If you are concerned with security, then this might just work for you. Motion sensor light fixtures sense motion and turns on to light the path when visitors or intruders approach.

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