Thursday, November 11, 2010

Authentic German Beer Mugs

Posted by Kero at Thursday, November 11, 2010
What is a fun gift for men? For awhile now, I have been looking online for Christmas gifts to give Hubby's  closest friends. They've been a family to us during our five-year stay in Dubai and every year we make it a point to show our appreciation - no matter how inexpensive  the token is. This year could be the last Christmas we will spend all together so I am in search  for something unique, fun, yet elegant enough to display and remember all the fun we shared.

I was thinking of a personalized shirt but I think I found something more interesting online. They are all beer lovers. Their idea of de-stressing and a relaxing weekend is composed of beer jugs, guitar, and roaring laughter. And so I am thinking of Authentic German Beer Mugs  for present. I think that perfectly represent all the goofiness they shared. We will need four mugs and they had to be classic, very practical and yet decorative. These are currently my choices:

Strassburg Mug With Lion Crest because of the engraveable surface. This would be fun to personalize.

Bavarian Flags Father & Son Set with its smooth sturdy glass bodies.

Or if the budget permits, a traditional German Beer Steins as shown below.

Any dedicated beer lover would really be excited to have these collectibles! I am really excited to show these to Hubby when he comes home later so we can move on with our Christmas shopping list.

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