Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coupon Site For Web Hosting

Posted by Kero at Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Oh wow, two blogger friends today asked for their URLs to be updated. They are now blogging on their own domains. How cool is that!

I made a list of things to do once we move to Abu Dhabi next year and on top of  it is to look for cheap hosting service that hopefully will give a free domain as well teehee.

I've blogged about this before but what was hindering me was insufficient Paypal funds. Now that I can actually pay for a hosting service, I am now thinking if I will be able to sustain it hahaha.

But it seems, a patient and resourceful blogger always find a way. Notice of Payment on my Paypal arrives every now and then and no matter how small I am always thankful. When it all sums up, I get a big smile. I am aware that I can earn more once I will be blogging on my own domain. Plus the fact that my blog will look more professional =)

Our move to Abu Dhabi means new internet connections so I will not be able to access my blog 24 hours a day. I shall probbaly be blogging on internet cafes until such time we can get a connection which often takes about 3-4 weeks. So as not to waste money, I am putting it off until we can have a stable online connection in our new place.

Meantime, I am reading as much as I can on tips and trick on finding and choosing a web host. I learned that WebHostingFocus.com is generous enough to provide us with hosting coupons that will give discounts on web hosting services. Cheap hosting deals are now more easier to find!

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