Monday, October 25, 2010

Treatment Resource For Rosacea

Posted by Kero at Monday, October 25, 2010

What do famous people like Bill Clinton, Mariah Carey, and Rosie O' Donell have in common? They all suffer from a  chronic cosmetic condition called Rosacea. It is characterized by facial redness with pimples sometimes included. It primarily affects Caucasians of mainly northwestern European descent. Although British and Irish call it  the 'curse of the Celts," it can also affect people of other ethnicities.

If you are among the people suffering from the skin condition, I come with good news. There is a book called Banish Rosacea written by Robert Campbell. Campbell himself suffered from the disease which started in his mid-twenties.

As with any other medication, treatment for Rosacea differs from one person to another. Banish Rosacea aims to narrow down what could be causing the skin condition. The book goes on to reveal that 94% of all of those with rosacea suffer from insufficient amino acids – or lack thereof.

The skin condition Rosacea affects both sexes. It is almost three times more common in women and peaks at the age between 30 to 60. There's no need to be embarrassed by the disease but simply click on the button to learn more about its natural cure.

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