Saturday, October 30, 2010

DIY Solay Panels

Posted by Kero at Saturday, October 30, 2010
 For a week now, Hubby and I are discussing how to make ends meet once we move to Abu Dhabi in January. Currently, the UAE capital is the most expensive place to live here in the Emirates. The amount of rent we are currently paying in Dubai will be doubled and maybe more.

 One of our options for now is to decrease our electricity bill. For years now, Hubby had been wanting to experiment on how to make solar panels. It is actually a part of his huge plan for the future - a  self-sustaining  farm when we finally head back home to the Philippines.

 I think that this move presents the perfect opportunity to join the growing trend of household making their own home energy. As I did my readings on do-it-yourself solar panels, we will be needing three things:  quality solar cells, the big, shallow container, and step-by-step instructions with the basic tools.

I'm glad I found a very informative site called Make Solar Panels. It discusses just about everything we need to make the home project successful. It even shares several instructional videos on how to wire and attach the cells. The best part is, I learned through the site that a DIY solar panel will cost you roughly around $200 dollars. Hubby says this is very reasonable!

I am very happy because finally, we will be able to take more advantage of the year-round sun in the Emirates. I gotta go now and look online for auction solar cells. They sell far more cheaper. 

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