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The Question

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Before I share the rest of the new Batanes pictures, I need a quickie post to answer my friends' questions. Did you or didn't you? hahahaaaa. Funny that you all have to flood my inbox with such queries! Almost four years of marriage and you are still pondering on my dating records! Unbelievable.

Sorry to disappoint you but my track record on dating is not as exciting as my clothes. The answer is negative. I never dated anybody from Chemtrad. My reasons in no particular order : 1) I do not fancy men in uniform. 2) I am not a beauty like the full blooded Ivatan ladies, 3) I hate to admit this but after meeting my future husband in that dimly lit pasta bar back in 2002, i never had eyes for anybody else. (Hubby will be pouring himself a generous brandy after reading this. lolz!)

But I did struck beautiful friendship with a few of them. I engaged with them on long walks and conversations. At 23, on crossroads, and enduring a humiliating break-up, I had questions about men and relationships that they would answer clinically. I hang out with them after work instead of entertaining male visitors at home. I admit that on one occassion, Manang Flor told one persistent politician suitor that I was interested with a pilot -- just so he would back off. That may have fuelled the rumors.

Anyways, I do remember one Captain fondly. Though he is no longer with Chemtrad, Captain S was for the most part responsible of my hopeless devotion with Rain.

2003. They cooked kinilaw na kambing. It was the first time I ate such and still the best I tasted to this day. They were sharing bottle of beers but the Captain had a cup of tea (you could say he was one of those health buffs) and I opted for a can of Mountain Dew. It was Friday. Everybody was in cheerful mood.

My phone buzzed of an incoming text message. I read. It was from Rain. He was somebody I never discussed with any body else. I pocketed back my phone without typing a reply.

Who was that?

Somebody who used to work for DepEd. He's not around anymore. My face gave away nothing. I perfected the look.

He's an engineer.

After an hour, my phone buzzed again. A message from the same person. I read and debated whether to reply. Because Rain requires a lot of thinking to do, I decided not to reply again.

From the engineer again?

I shrugged. Smiled and took a long sip from my soda.

You do know that he likes you.

I gave out a loud lugh. I wanted to tell the Captain maybe it's the other way around but I was not prepared to open the large part of my life that is responsible for the whole misery.

What makes you think so, Sir?

If he is somewhere other than Batanes, there's plenty of things to do. Plenty of stuff for diversion. But he sent you a message. gave you time to reply. When he hears nothing from you, he decides to send you a message again. Clearly he is thinking about you.

I chuckled in reply. Rain has a way of making his presence known when I am enjoying other people's company.

2004. The Captain was back again flying around the province. By then, I established my afternoon routine of walking the 4 km airstrip. Frequently, i walk with my Grandmother and with my Aunt. Sometimes with my officemates. At times, i would go alone when they are all busy.

Finishing my walk, the Captain was just starting his round.

You are losing weight, Russel. He never got my name right.

Thanks. Everybody thinks i'm doing drugs or something.

Love life?



I am not home most of the time.

It's been almost two years! You will be...

An old maid. No worries, Sir. I accepted that fate long time ago. Really I'm fine. Great job, loyal friends.....they are all keeping me busy.

What about that engineer? What happened to him?

Okay. You were right. I think he likes me. If I flirt with him further, just a little more. I will have him. But I won't. because I don't want to live in Ifugao.

What? Who says you will be going to Ifugao? Have you been there?

Well he's from there. naturally, if we end up together, we will be residing in Ifugao. What about my heels? I can't picture myself living there. No, i've never been there. But they say it rains a lot up there. But that's not the point. This is my home. I like it

Hold it right there. You haven't even dated and you are thinking of marriage? Who says he's going to marry you? Russel, take it one step at a time. The last thing a guy would want is a marriage. You meet up first, have a romantic dinner or date and then pursue a relationship. Who knows, you might not even like him after the second date? Just try for now and have fun..

Thanks but I don't want to try it out, Sir. If i'm going to be in a relationship, I want it for keeps. So the engineer is out.

The Captain shook his head in despair and continued his walk.

I finished my day with a bottle of San Mig Light. My friends hovered and chatted but i toyed with the bottle. It was ironic that that person who taught me to drink the poison was Rain.

And that sums up why Chemtrad is more than a flying islander to me. They stayed with me up there in the clouds, through rain or shine.

I love you long time indeed.

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