Monday, October 26, 2009

The Poison Ivy

Posted by Kero at Monday, October 26, 2009
We had no communication for almost a year.

For that whole year as well, i tried to busy myself with work and books and friends. I revamped my closet - suddenly feeling like a lady. I traded my baby-tees for romantic blouses. I opted for blazers and business like suits - instead of my girly uniform. I kept my hair long, savored my strawberries and cream Avon lipgloss, and wore my heels at every chance.

Before calling it a day in the office one afternoon, i decided to clean my in-box. I received an e-mail from A saying he is a friend of Ceasar. He was asking if we could be friends as well.

I felt insulted. Maybe it was all over TEEP Region that i was single and available but nobody in the office had the right to set me up. I inhaled deeply not wanting my fuming to get the better of the situation. if this was some sort of a game, then we all play. After all, I had nothing to lose. A and I happens to be oceans apart. We exchanged further e-mail pleasantries and forwards until A asked for my mobile number.

I never told anybody about A. But if I were to choose between A and The Pilot (my friends from aviation industry are trying to set me up for), I would rather pursue a friendship with A. He seems polite so far. We all know that pilots have girls anywhere there is a landing strip.

But before giving A my number, i needed more background info about him. The best person to ask would be Ceasar. I remember adding him to my almost dormant chikka account so i texted this :

A is asking for my number. i don't know anything about him except for his e-mail. If you think this guy can be trusted, then give him my new number ......

Rain replied :

A is married. Last time i heard, he is happily married and content with a kid.

I was furious! I was just starting to open up with another male specie and the first one to catch my attention decided to sign his marriage contract waaay before he knew I existed.

Rain said no further about A. But as he got hold of my new number, we were exchanging sms again - and then e-mails. It only took a week and we were back right where we left off.

I would tell him about my gym sessions. I would text him my new pasta recipe. I would complain to him about work. He in return, shared desert stories - how he would cook spaghetti for his campmates. He would tell how lonely it is to be away from his family. he would mention how he looked forward to coming home and that he thinks about the times we shared beer at Shanedels.

I was just regaining my strength and I refused to think he was falling for me. Our friendship survived for years and nobody was to blame if he had grown certain fondness for me. I accepted the fact the it will never be us. I actually begged him not to flirt with me further. And that I think i earned my place in his wedding entourage - for keeping my hands off him hahahhaaaa!

I went on with my life happily. I met plenty of interesting people. Sometimes Rain would be so intrigued with them he would ask if there was any "interesting" to share hihiihihi. Maybe there was something missing but i managed to enjoy myself.

Then he texted that his relationship failed.

My reply : Why would they dump a hottie like you? Remain strong. God bless!

After pressing sent, I decided to back off. I knew he needed somebody on the other line but I am not willing to play that part. I could only offer him friendship. Nothing beyond that.

I did not speak to him or replied to his messages for the next three days. On the fourth night, I texted to ask how he was coping up - the same way he asked about my own break-up. He texted he was doing okay and I cried myself to sleep. I wanted to be with him and hug him. I wanted to comfort him and hold him close, tell him everything is going to be fine...The thought of him being alone in Saudi tore me to pieces.

I donned my Carrera sunglasses the next day. A friend commented : Now you could swim your way to Saudi Arabia.

Despite the tears and the beers, I managed not to communicate with him for a week.

The following weekend, I decided to open the ignored messages from Rain. One was a quiz that promises to end your single life. Feeling amused and with nothing better to do online, I answered all ten questions. Two of them I answered with the name Ceasar. I clicked submit excited about my result only to be told that all my answers were sent to Ceasar!

I freaked and panicked and i was hysterical. I wanted to die of embarrassment. That night, he texted that i must have been very honest with my answers. I think i even saw him grinning. I never, ever wanted to wake up again.

That's when he started to pursue me online. He began referring to me as his Poison Ivy.

For days, I could not get over my embarrassment. I would be drinking straight from work and come home drunk and too tired to remember my online blunder. One night, just as i was about to collapse from another drinking bout, he called and said "I love you." Before I could fathom clearly what was was going on, I heard myself reply " I love you too."

I shook myself for some seconds but the alcohol got the better of me and I fell in a deep slumber.

Mawning, I checked my phone for alarm only to be confirmed that I was in a relationship status.

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Mom of Four on October 26, 2009 at 6:33 PM said...

Di muna sana ako mag comment, but I can't help myself.. Make sure na ilagay mo to sa McKlincky sa Wednesday. I will put mine up Tuesday afternoon here in US.

Eh bakit naman kasi nag reply ka sa mga ganyang quizzes? Di mo pala alam na sa kanya ma send, ehehehe..bisto ka noh??

Poison Ivy ka raw? nalason sa iyong kamandag si Ceasar, hehehe.
Yan ang napapala ng umiinom, nakakasagot ng I love you too. Or, baka naman di ka lasing, talaga lang loves mo na siya, oh eh di ba nga love mo na siya, hehehe...

Iba rin ang love story nyo huh..very interesting.

Talagang inagahan ang CC this week, hehehe!

Kero on October 27, 2009 at 2:15 PM said...

Mommy Liz, this if for personal documentation. I have another entry for Wednesday's theme :)

Clarissa on October 28, 2009 at 3:18 AM said...

weee!!meron pang kasunod ang poison ivy!!can't wait for your next entry for CC.Yey!!


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