Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sippy Nipples

Posted by Kero at Thursday, October 15, 2009
When did your toddler started to drink his milk straight from the cup?

I am trying to train Andreas to drink his milk from the cup but I haven't been successful. He will drink his orange juice or water from a glass or plastic cup but he will refuse his milk if i do the same. We did bought him a sippy cup when he was six months old but i removed the nipple since I read it is best to train them drinking staright from the cup. Andreas learned that skill early. These days too, he enjoys drinking from straw.

Over the weekend we visited the revamped Babyshop at Mall of the Emirates. There is a play area where kids and Daddies can play while Mummies do their thing at Splash or Lifestyle. Looking around, i saw an Avent Sippy Nipple so we bought four - one for each Andreas' bottle.

Soft non spill spout fits all Avent baby bottles turning them into a sippy cup and thereby helping with transition from their baby bottle. This spouts has a valve to provide consistent flow helping prevent gas and colic.

Excitedly that night, I tried giving him his bottle with the new sippy nipple. After two sips, my 20-month old let go of his bottle and cried loudly feeling soo betrayed hihihi. I explained to him it is the new way of drinking milk because he is a big boy now. It took another two minutes of cajoling and he did try again. I don't know if he was really hungry by then or sleepy but he made no further complaints until today. And it's been a week :)

I see 2 - 2 1/2 year old kids still sucking their bottles with the regular nipple so for now, I am consoling myself Andreas made an easy transition. Maybe not straight to the cup yet but we are getting there :)

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