Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year Family List

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, January 06, 2010
For the last two years, it was all about raising Andreas. Budgeting, food, weekend getaways, everything was planned according to our toddler's needs. We have to put on extra time to be there for the little boy. Hubby lived on energy drink so he will still have time to play with him when he comes home beaten from work. I left the house in chaos to keep an eye on Andreas from falling off the bed, climbing the balcony, or even going up the stairs. Thank goodness we survived two years without a broken nose or the dreaded trip to ER.

But in return, nurturing our health became less a priority. Now that Andreas is thriving on schedule, and with Ate Ayen to help out on cleaning, I have more time to ponder on our family needs and put things in order.

I made a New Year List for Andreas -- more like a schedule but i will post it on Mommy Moments tomorrow. For now, I will share the family's 2010 goalie.

1. Healthy Eating. More fruits, veggies, and fiber. It also means a cup of tea on daytime and a glass of milk at bedtime for me and hubby. So far we are on track.

2. Up our savings. They will have to decrease our rent or else we will move out. I am already eyeing an option around Bur Dubai area. I love our place but if they will not decrease the rent to 40K, it's time to kiss Trade Center Road goodbye.

3. IF we agree on the rent, we will look forward to our Disneyland trip and the much awaited vacay back home. PROVIDED the economy stays positive =)

4. I will be 30!! No grand plans but i look forward getting older. Not everybody gets to be old.

5. Our fourth wedding anniversary come April. I don't remember what happened to our 2nd and 3rd anniversary but we should be cheering on this one. We have plenty to be thankful for.

6. More playdates for Andreas. My bebe is fine and can be very sweet around adults but he is terribly shy around other kids. But then, hubby and I can be both very shy so this should not come as a surprise at all.

7. Learn a new sport. Weekend get-aways.

8. Get more involved with charity works and environment clean-up.

9. Discover new restaurants. New recipes.

10. Make new family friends.

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