Tuesday, February 10, 2009

humor time!

Posted by Kero at Tuesday, February 10, 2009
I just finished cooking sinigang, while carrying Andreas on my left hand. He is soo heavy now and i feel really very tired i am tempted to doze off. But there is so much to clean yet so while waiting for my little boy to take his nap, i check my mails hoping to receive my payment from Ringier but i guess, things are just to tight for everybody hihi.

Anyway, recession has hit everyone here in the UAE. Hundreds of people are terminated and/or take forced leave for certain months without pay. While some countries lay-off their employees, Dubai has adopted "redundant position" in reference to sacked employees. There are probably more sad stories to all of these but one e-mail placed humor on the current global crisis. Read on...

A fire alarm rang at 6 PM when almost all shift employees were in office.

As usual thr entire office was evacuated within 3 mins & every employee gathered outside office.

10 minutes passed..................................5 more minutes passed.

Security Officer started Announcement:

"Dear Employees - With a heavy heart , I make this announcement that it will be the last evacuation drill for many of you , as we are laying off almost 80% employees. While moving in , if your access card won't work , you are laid off & all your belongings will be couriered to you tomorrow. We followed this approach as we don't want to send layoff emails in thousands & also to avoid any fights inside the office. Hope you have a nice career ahead. Please move in & try your luck".

Thank you to hubby for sharing this.

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