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Posted by Kero at Monday, February 16, 2009
I half-emptied a can of pepsi after supper and now i am wide awake. I tried a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream but not a single nerve in me feels hitting the sack. So here i am pouring my thoughts...

Hubby went to a meeting yesterday at Abu Dhabi. They are working on something called Hydra Properties that consists about thousands of villas. But unlike any other villas, these ones are interesting because of a German technology invention used. The walls of the houses are made up of styrofoam. Instead of the precast hollow blocks, there are about hundreds of gray styrofoams measuring about two meters length all put together like pieces of lego. Then concrete is poured in between those hollows. As we watched the video, hubby says it's brilliant. Germans are always ahead and innovating.

I asked him what is the effect of the German creation on pre-cast and he says they are a competition when it comes to walls but they still need stairs and hollowcore slabs from precast companies. I guess that answers my worries hihi.

Off to another issue, I always read about the stimulus plan but never looked closer on it. When the US senate approved the package, I was happy since it brings hope to the economic downturn. Sadly, as i read the business news this evening, the "buy only American" included in the stimulus bill does not sit well with me or with Chinese or any other nationality for that matter. Whatever happened to free trade? Who pushed for globalization in the first place? Maybe it is right for them to self-preserve but how about the rest of the economy worldwide? One more question, will all Americans afford their own products? If the marginal answers negative, there is still slight hope for Japanese cars to survive the American dream.

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