Saturday, September 6, 2008

of muffins and cupcakes

Posted by Kero at Saturday, September 06, 2008
I was eating a lovely cupcake last night from the kiddie party and it dawned to me they are much like muffins too. But to be sure, i asked hubby if there is any difference between a cupcake and a muffin.

Smiling mischevously, he said, "We can buy muffin in Lagawe. Cupcakes....we also buy them in Lagawe. "

I laughed and i decided to search on the topic. Here are some of the things i found out.

1. A muffin goes with coffee, a cupcake with tea.
2. If you threw a cupcake against the wall, you would hear something of a "poof!" If you threw a muffin, you would hear a "thud!"
3. Sociologically, a muffin is everyday living, whereas a cupcake is "we're getting fancy."
4. Theoretically, a man could say, "hey honey" to his waitress while he was chewing on a muffin, but with cupcake in his mouth he could only say, "my dear."
5. If you were writing a novel, it would be a gross literary error to substitute a cupcake for a muffin.
6. A cupcake really is like a miniature cake: light in weight, sweet, and often covered with icing and decorations. It tends to be not too tall because it's texture isn't strong enough to allow for a very tall structure.
7. A muffin is significantly heavier in texture and also in weight; with its cohesiveness, it can contain fruit, nuts or chocolate chips, which are not common in cupcakes. It is never iced and need not be particularly sweet. It can be made with ingredients as heavy as bran, and can be rather tall and have a large overhanging rim that doesn't threaten to fall off.

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