Monday, September 8, 2008


Posted by Kero at Monday, September 08, 2008
Haha. Now i don't know what to write with that title post.

Anyway, my darling Ceasar came home from work one afternoon and told me about a band called Journey. They have a new vocalist and is a Filipino named Arnel Pineda. He asked me to look it up on the internet and Youtube. I said yes but then forgot all about it hihi. It's the first time i heard of that band so i was not really interested. Weeks went by and he reminded me about Journey again. I felt guilty and admitted i forgot about it.

This afternoon, he came home early because it is Ramadan, so he was able to go online. He searched about Arnel Pineda and the Journey and boy, oh boy we had a blast watching them on Youtube!! We were both oozing with pride as we watched Pineda belt out "Faithfully" and "Open Arms." Gosh, i knew those ballads. I just didn't know it was the band Journey hihi. They have a new album released mid 2008 called Revelation and we both decided we are going to buy the album.

I am posting here one of the songs included in Journey's new album. Hubby and I both enjoyed the simple MTV so we share this with you.

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Artemis on September 9, 2008 at 5:35 AM said...

wow, the one who sang this is really a Filipino? Well, not very unusual that a Filipino can sing like this. When you go to the country music bars in Baguio, it sounds familiar. I miss hearing these kinds of music.

By the way, which of your blog is paid post? Is it really worth it? Do you have to buy the products you will blog about? Do they pay good? jeje, thanks Kero!


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