Thursday, September 18, 2008

loved-up Thursday

Posted by Kero at Thursday, September 18, 2008
Aaarggh, i cannot sleep. I guess i had too much chocolate from the anniversary dinner we attended hihi. I was served a huge slice of chocolate mousse cake and it was soo heavenly i consumed it all. Now i am all perked up, nirvana won't come. Andreas is asleep now after i hummed an Ivatan song. It was the first time i did such and i figured i should sing to him that song more often. Heck it would be a shame if we bring him to Batanes and he doesn't know any Ivatan word.

Anyway, since today's main event was an invitation to our friends' six years of marriage, i decided to post the Ivatan lovesong i hummed to Andreas just before he fell asleep. The song talks about a lover's feeling, fearing somebody better will come along, and pleading to that special person not to leave no matter.

Asa kahep a mahanebneb
Du kariyal nu vuhan
Manalasal u apon
Du huvuk nu kamuhamuhan

Tawul ko nikandaduan
Pinuspusan mo iwangan
Makayamot du avid mo
Abu su kapalit

Makavuya ka panti
Su maypavid pa kan yaken
Karwan mo ava yaken
Du huvuk nu pandediwan

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RodvinFiel on July 16, 2010 at 8:29 PM said...

Can you help me.. do you know the translation of th lyrics of Asa Kahep A Mahanebneb? Our choir will sing the song and we would like to know what is says.. thank you..



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