Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Andreas updates

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, September 10, 2008
I have now completely stopped breastfeeding Andre. For three days now, he's been sucking contentedly on his feeding bottles. Thank goodness for Similac because it made weaning faster. Though i vowed to breastfeed Andreas for as long as i can, he sometimes bite my nipple so hard i cry out. He has no tooth yet but his gums chew pretty strong. I miss having him close to my chest but I know he is ready to move on to solids and follow-on milk.

Here are his activities at 8-months, 2 weeks.
1. He likes playing with balls and balloons.
2. He is now bored with his old toys (rattles and stuffed). He prefers the empty 5 gallon of water and empty milk cans.
3. He has a certain fondness for his stuffed bulldog. I don't know, it looks mean but Andre makes him smile haha.
4. He still watches Barney videos and adores BJ.
5. He likes to watch his alphabet video too along with videos of shapes and colors.
6. He likes playing with the velcro strap of his sneakers.
7. His clothes size are now of 12 months
8. His shoe size is 2.
9. He has more patience now with his toys. He learned how to push his big truck.
10. He enjoys the details of his wooden play cube.
11. He still looks at Mom like she is the most beautiful.
12. He likes I love you and Raindrops songs.
13. He will let you guide him on actions of I have two hands.
14. Drinking Similac Gain Advance on bottle.
15. Sips Promil on his cup.
16. He likes bread and pancakes for breakfast.
17. He enjoys chewing on chunky vegetables.
18. He adores Daddy so much!!!
19. When he sees somebody eating, he has to have a taste of the food too.

20. He loves the beach!!!

Now Mommy can follow a strict diet to lose weight hihi.

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