Thursday, April 10, 2008

beers and sushi

Posted by Kero at Thursday, April 10, 2008
Good morning everyone!

We had an interesting dinner last night at Renaissance Hotel with hubby's fellow mistah,Villedo. He is currently assigned in Afghanistan and had a connecting flight here in Dubai going to London for a vacation. We met him around 9 p.m. so he and hubby had about couple of hours to chat and reminisce their days in the Philippine Military Academy. Billedo is now based in the Carribean Islands but his work takes him to countries all over the world. Earlier in his job, he worked with the famous English singer-song writer James Blunt in Kosovo ( yep, James Blunt is a former officer of Life Guards, a unit of the British Army).

After several plates of sushi, lobsters, and bottles of beer, we headed back to Dubai Grand Hotel because the flight to London is at 2 a.m.. Though tired , sleep deprived (with only the Red Bull to keep him going), and still has lots of deadline to beat , I know
hubby had a great grand time.

Photo op with our Carribean visitor (Renaissance Dubai Hotel)

Thank you also to the Spice Island staff of Renaissance Dubai Hotel for reminding us the credit card we left on the table. It was completely forgotten with all the excitement and the stories. Our visitor was extremely thankful since it has no credit limit hihi. Thank you again for making his brief stay in Dubai a marvelous experience.

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