Thursday, April 3, 2008

10 minutes to a happy you!

Posted by Kero at Thursday, April 03, 2008
Whew! A lot has happened but I am not forgetting my clippings so we continue.

21. Take 10 minutes to do something meraki

This Greek word means doing something from the soul, that's creative or motivated by love - something happiness researchers say gives you ultimate joy. Try making a card instead of buying one or giving your partner a quick shoulder massage.

22. Try a three-minute inversion
An upside down yoga pose boosts blood flow to your brain which energises you and also "stimulates hormones in the head leading to a sense of well-being."

23. It only takes ten minutes to have Botox
Yes, it tackles your wrinkles which make you feel good in itself. The theory is that if you can't frown, you're less likely to feel down as changing facial expression can alter the brain's interpretation of emotional experience. If Botox is a step too far, try massaging along your eyebrows at regular intervals to ease away frown lines.

24. Piston breathe for two minutes
To do this breathe in, then exhale forcefully through your nose in short powerful pulses five to seven times. It instant
ly revitalises you as it sends a rush of oxygen to the brain.

25. Stretch your feet for three minutes
If you've been wearing flip flops or your ballet flats to death, the bottom of your feet now hurts. You need to put the ankle of your achy feet on your opposite knee and pull your toes towards you. Hold for ten seconds and release then repeat fo
r ten time. Do this three times each day and the pain will stop.

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Great post...can't wait for more!


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