Sunday, October 21, 2007

A-Z of Alternative Health

Posted by Kero at Sunday, October 21, 2007
A blessed Sunday everyone! Thank you for your continued visits. For those who had took interest on my Alternative Health clippings, here is another entry especially for you.

G is for Geopathy
The theory of geopathic stress is that our health is determined by our environment including natural elements like underground streams and fault lines, as well as artifiacial objects like pylons and mobile phone masts. It is thought that certain environmental elements cause vibrations that can cause ill-health - from head aches and asthma to cancer. Practitioners use multi-wave oscillators, which they believe to correct negative vibrations. Find out more

H is for Herbal Medicine
There's nothing more remotely wacky about traditional herbal medicine - the Chinese herbal remedy artemisia annua has string anti-malarial properties, and the origins of aspirin lie in a pain-reliever made from willow bark used since the 5th century BC. Find out more

and Homeopathy
This popular alternative therapy works on the principle of treating like with like. Therapists prescribe patients with a very small dose of an agent that would cause, in higher quantities, the symptoms that they are suffering from. Like most alternative medicines, its has its supporters and its critics -m some claim that its apparent due to a placebo effect. Find out more

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