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A-Z of Alternative Health

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, October 17, 2007
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We now continue my clippings on Alternative Health. For those who missed the previous entries, you can scroll down and click the Alternative Health on my category sidebar. Thank you very much.

D is for Dolphin Therapy
The profound effect that people report after swimming with dolphins may be all in the mind, but who cares if it helps people to feel better? Using captive dolphins, therapists asks patient to pat, feed or simply swim with the animals, and report a resulting change in hormones, endorphins, and enzymes. The therapy is reported to have positive effects on people particularly children - with autism, Down's syndrome, depression, and neurological disorders. Find out more:

E is for Ear Candling
Used to clear out the sticky wax from the ears, ear candling - or coning - involves inserting the base of a hollow, cone-shaped candle into the ear. When it's lit, a vacuum is created that sucks out accumulated wax. Ear candling should always be performed by a trained therapists. Find out more:

F is for Flotation
The theory behind flotation is that sensory deprivation can be a form of therapy. Immersing yourself in salted water is said to induce deep relaxation, ease aches, and pains (including arthritis). improve circulation and regulate sleeping patterns. Sessions tend to take place in dark rooms these days, rather than in enclosed claustrophobic tanks. Find out more:

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