Monday, October 15, 2007

A-Z of Alternative Healing

Posted by Kero at Monday, October 15, 2007
A beautiful Monday everyone! I have three opps to do today but i thought i should continue first with my clippings on Alternative Health. Many of myblogger friends found the first entry interesting so here we go again.

B is for Bach Flower Remedies
London-based Edward Bach believed that the essences o wild flowers could counteract negative emotoions, thereby allowing the body to work towards healing itself. The remedies he created, however, are promarily used to treat emotional conditions, such as depression, anxiety and stress. Find out more:

C is for Chiropractic
Taken from the Greek word "cheira praktikos" menaing done by hand, chiropractors manipulate the spine focusing on the joints, to ease paina nd improve mobility. Chiropractic was developed in Canada in 1895 and is now used to treat back problems all over the world. Find out more:

and Colonic Hydrotherapy
Not one for the squeamish, colonic hydrotherapy - also known as colonic irrigation - involves pumping water into the colon via a tube. The aim is to rinse away accumulated toxins making you feel lighter and healthier. Some people swear by it, while other claim it can permanently damage the colon. Find out more:

And that is all for today. Do come by again when you have the chance!!

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